Twitch/livestream setups.


Yeah, that definitely sounds like a possibility. I also wonder if any of the ports are tied to the same bus–it is a cheap laptop after all. I am going to have to dig into the manual and see.

I thought about trying three cams each in their own USB port anyway, but then I don’t have a slot open for a mic after that (it has reliability issues if I plug it into the powered HUB, so it needs to go into the computer). I should try it regardless just to see if the third will come up at that point.


I have managed to run 8 USB webcams simultaneously (see my post from July in this thread), but only by adding two USB 3.0 PCI cards to the computer (DELL desktop PC with Windows 7). Basically, I have 4 USB host controllers now and every controller can handle 2 webcams.

I have set up individual scenes in XSplit for each of the two pins with cams for playfield, dmd, player and tilt bob - 4 cams per scene, 8 cams in total.


anybody other than Dead Flip also running a Mac setup? I am really struggling getting camtwist to work the way I want it to. It is so much more complicated than just firing up Xsplit and hitting the broadcast button :slight_smile: I have tried using bootcamp to run windows 8 and xsplit, but I can’t seem to get it to run 3 cams without crashing.


Here’s my setup for when Timeshock! The ULTRA Edition releases:


Ok, doing some more testing now on my main streaming rig which I have used all along and now xSplit freezes when trying to add a 3rd logitech webcam. They are a 920, 910 and a 615 respectively. The first two (any order they are plugged in) work fine in xSplit. As soon as you add the 3rd webcam in xSplit, it freezes until you unplug one of them and it goes back to normal.

I am running Windows 10 now, I was running 7 back in the summer the last time I streamed. Is this a known issue?


Could be an issue with windows 10. When you open the Logitech control center from your tray, do all webcams show up and are selectable from the dropdown menu? If not, I think it is a driver / USB host problem. If all three cams are shown correctly and are selectable, they should also work in xSplit - if xSplit still freezes, it may be a problem with xSplit (bug, version, incompatibility, etc.).

I use 6 Logitech webcams (910,920, 2 x 525, 2 x 270) plus 2 noname cams all simulteanously in xSplit. It crashes sometimes, but most of the time works perfect. When I transport the equipment to different locations, sometimes the cams are not recognized in xSplit any more. Normally I can solve this by using different USB ports.


My initial thought was USB bandwidth, but it worked fine in the same configuration on 7, so it is a software thing somewhere. I will try to dig into it tonight. Looks like I have the same issue in windows 8 as well as 10.


I’m running Xsplit under windows 10 now with 3 Logitech cams and one snowball mic without issue. Like teedee if I disconnect and it doesn’t recognize the cameras on reconnect I just shuffle USB ports and it’s fine.


Close to finishing up our rig at the new Sanctum. 2 guide wires running 45’ stretching over 16 games.

This is mounted on it with rods the fit the camera mounting points

320’ of USB cable runs back to our laptop to broadcast from

The rig glides nice and smoothly along the wires. Last thing we need to do is one more guide wire at the back wall with a pulley behind the heads up higher to keep the cables moving in a clear area and not get hung up.


dude this is awesome looking!


Very nice setup.

How have you been able to get around USB extention limitations. My understanding is that USB 2.0 can only go 5meters (16ft) before it needs to be repeated, and even then there is limitations on how many times it can be repeated.

I have just done a recording on the Australian championship series and was able to get 15 meters working okay but struggled with anything beyond that. Very interested to know :slight_smile:


These active USB cables work great.

AGPtek 50ft USB2.0 Male to Female Active Extension Extender Repeater Cable Cord

I have a 50’ and 30’ cable hooked together on each camera. No slowdown or lag that I’ve seen yet.


Oh thats good to know! I was unsure about those extender cables because in looking at their prices there was such a disparity of cost. Some 50ft cables are $100 and some are $25. It made me suspicious about their efficacy.

The setup I had on the weekend involved using hubs to repeat the signal with a 5meter extention between. I was having some frame dropping issues but overall It seems to work well. But now after doing a bit of learning and seeing what you have done I’m thinking that all my frame dropping issues are due to limitations of my usb bus and issues with ambient light.

Here is a link to the playlist of the event if anyone is interested in watching some Aussies play. :smile:


I should add, I know there are a lot of areas to be improved with the recording. Like, bad resolution on the score screen. I learnt after that I could have shapened the image which I think would have helped alot on the playfield camera. There was also no mic for game sounds. Next time it should be better.


What’s the best (economical too) camera to hook directly to a tv. No streaming. Just a playfiekd camera directly to a tv on the wall next to it. USB cameras won’t work.


I would look into using a GoPro or Chinese knock off equivalent - such as the SJCAM SJ5000. Basically you want a camera with HDMI output.


Like this?

Says hdmi out but no tv support. Would it show on a tv via hdmi cable what’s actively on the screen. Don’t need any of it recorded.


Only problem with the GoPros/knockoffs is the wide angle. If you don’t mind that, I’ve found the Xiaomi Yi to be a great little camera. Used it for the flipper view in my WOZ video. Shop around and you should be able to find one for $60-70. Clean HDMI output, no overlays.

I bought a few more for INDISC when they were at $50 over black friday :stuck_out_tongue:


Wide Angie meaning fish eye lens correct?

I’ll look for one of those. Thanks Karl


Correct. There’s a setting in the latest firmware version on the Yi to reduce the fisheye, works good enough that I’m planning on using these for DMD cameras.