Twitch/livestream setups.

Karl, what are you holding with these?

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Those are likely for holding the wireless HDMI transmitters / receivers. I was just about to come to this thread to figure out what people are using to hold them.

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I use Velcro straps.

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Bingo. I don’t like them, has to be a better solution out there, but they allow me to rotate the devices on the rigs should I need to. I’ve been thinking of gluing a 1/4-20 nut or threaded insert to the bottom of the transmitters which would then let me use whatever to clamp them on.

I was wondering if someone could 3D print a mounting bracket for the blackbirds. The tabs on the base might be too small to print strong enough.

For the transmitters (blackbird), I used heavy duty velcro with adhesive backing and mount them to the top of the rig. I can adjust the positioning if needed.

For the receivers, I’ve glued nuts to the bottom so I can just screw them on to a mic stand.

I played around with the phone mounts, but also hated them. they are difficult to get to stay put, and it’s easy to accidentally depress the “pair” button on the side.

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The C920 is only $40 right now for Prime Day. Great for budget streaming or backglass cams. Might be worth grabbing one or more.

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Still the best and sharpest cam for the price!

I am a bit disappointed in Prime Day prices. Things like the Elgato HD60S are in Prime days, but then I looked at the price and it is higher then when I just normally bought mine. I thought about getting a streamdeck, but feel I need to actually do research instead of just jumping on it because it is “on sale”

It’s worth it. I’ve been taking the time to learn it as of late. Plays nice with Xsplit. The 3rd party market has some pretty cool stuff as well. You might want to check into that before making your decision.

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Shopping for a new laptop today because the hinge on my MSI broke. I know that’s a popular one many people have gotten. If you own one, you might want to consider loosening the hinge screws, as they are way too tight. Lots of videos on YouTube about them breaking for this reason.

@Theguyoverthere for your rig :slight_smile:

I grabbed one but then sent it back when I found it didn’t do 60fps, got a C922x or something that’s one step higher that was like $70, can do 720p 60fps

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I helped a friend get setup with a wireless rig and put together this BOM of all my equipment. If anyone is just getting started are looking to upgrade it may be beneficial.


Question on my personal setup.

Last night I was streaming Black Knight SoR and someone mentioned “your playfield cam was sending and interlaced picture, not progressive scan, might want to check your output settings?”

I’m not sure how to check this. Anyone have any thoughts?

I haven’t heard the terms interlaced and progressive scan since I used to sell DVD players at Best Buy in 2001. Haha. Sorry, not sure what they are referring to or how to check those settings.

But in OBS there is a specific output tab, so I would start there.

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My base resolution is 1920 x 1080
My output resolution is 1280 x 720 in obs

What camera are you using?

All Sony cx405

One thing I do that maybe the problem, for whatever reason my video of the playfield tends to show an icon that has a F inside of a white hand. I believe this is the focus icon on the display. It ends up showing on the twitch stream. If I go into set up and I’m going to the connections menu , if I turn CTRL for HDMI off the icon goes away on the feed and so longer seen on the stream. It is the only camera that does this.