Twitch/livestream setups.


I use the standard elgato cam link with the blackbirds and an Ethernet usb hub for my rig. No issues so far with the blackbirds. I’m only using one, and haven’t streamed for more than a few hours though. Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Maybe that’s my issue - I’m using a capture card instead of a cam link.


Camera -> HDMI transmitter -> HDMI receiver -> input of capture card -> output of capture card to computer HDMI input.


I also use the elgato link. You need a 3.0 USB port for the elgato otherwise it will not read the hdmi Signal.


How are you powering the wireless transmitters?
What are the specs on your CPU?

I don’t use SLOBS, but it sound a like that might be part of the problem. Why SLOBS over regular OBS?


I like the convenience of being able to add the extensions from the app itself.

Either way, I tried using OBS and it’s also dropping the signal and/or freezing and locking up my computer.


Internal or external capture card? I’ve heard of others running into trouble with the external ones.


External. Elgato HD60.


I use the HD60pros which use PCI-E.

Is your HD60 on separate USB controller than your other gear? Could be a data bandwidth issue…

Do you have any issues when you only use the HD60? Or do you run into trouble when you use the HD60 in tandem with the USB webcams?


Yes, this sounds like a bandwidth issue. It often manifests as instability in OBS.

Along with switching around to different USB controllers, you may want to turn down the resolution on your webcams and capture device. 3 HD video devices is a lot of bandwidth over USB. Anything over 1280x720 is overkill because your playfield/DMD cameras will generally be scaled down to <720p in the final layout.

Finally, when you are testing at home, you want stream to the Twitch bandwidth test site to get a closer simulation of everything running hot. Add ?bandwidthtest=true to the end of your stream key in File->Settings->Stream, and you can then test-stream to Twitch without actually going live. (I put this under a separate settings profile in the Profile menu to let me easily switch back and forth)

P. S. A.: If you have a lovingly crafted stream layout in OBS, make sure the back it up in the Scene Collection->Export menu. I’ve had OBS hang as described above and end up corrupting the entire scene layout, making itself crash immediately on boot. The only way to fix this was to delete/reset the scene layout settings in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\obs-studio\basic\scenes. Really annoying having to rebuild the scene layout, keep backups!


Now that you mention it, the HD 60 worked fine with only one webcam, not 2 that were running HD.

The HD60 is USB, not PCI-E.

Thanks for all of the advice. I’ll look into these changes and report back. I’ll be sure to throw some bits your way for the trouble. :grimacing:


After starting from scratch and moving everything over to OBS, it looks like I’m good to go! A couple instances of buffering/freezing during the stream, but no system crashes or resets. I also reduced the resolution of the webcams and powered any USB equipment with a power strip and not via the PC itself.

Here’s the dry run:

Follow me if you’d like. I have a big pingolf event planned for the weekend.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!!!


I was able to pickup the Elgato Stream Deck for $99.99 today on if anyone is looking.


Anyone know of any pinball streams that use a Logitech Brio? I just picked one up to play with for my wifi camera setup but was curious what the quality is compared to the C920/C922. I’ve been playing with the C922 but unhappy that it gets mushy at 60fps and I’m still working on finding a good SBC to handle the CamLink/CX405 (ordering an Odroid XU4 as a last attempt).

Anyone have links to example streams? Mine doesn’t arrive until Wed and I’m impatient.


Way better than a C922, not as good as a Sony CX405. It’s good though. I think it taxes the USB bandwidth quite a bit though.


Thanks. My plan is to try and run them off the RPi 3B+ probably at 1280p60 and send the mjpeg over the wifi to my OBS setup so I’m not super worried about the USB since it’s just the Pi and it’ll be mostly dedicated to just that (and a C920 for the backglass). The CX405 is so nice but I’m still working on figuring that part out and overall if the Brio is good enough even though it’s relatively spendy (even on sale) it’s still cheaper than camcorder/capture card etc.


Just thought I would give a heads up, if you are looking to make the upgrade to a handycam from a logitech webcam. you can go on and find some good deals. I was able to get an older model Sony Handycam with HDMI out that does 1080 at 60 fps for about $40 shipped.

Sometimes it takes a little work on the specs since they will not post model numbers, I would just zoom in on the model number on the photo, and look at the specs to see if it did what I needed. Most will not come with a power cord so you might have to buy a cheap aftermarket one on Amazon. We tried it out on the Abari Women’s Pinball Championship and it worked and looked great(video is gone from Twitch).


Hey Karl, have you had a chance to compile a parts list for your wireless setup? Thanks!



I kinda put it together but let me get the rest here now…

My BOM for the 80/20 rig
2x Monoprice Blackbird Pro Wireless HDMI Sets (Playfield and Player Cams)
1x Nyrus Orion Wireless HDMI Set (Score Cam)
3x SmallRig Ball Head Clamp
3x 26,800+mah battery packs. Take your pick. I prefer the RavPower or Monoprice packs as they seem to deliver on their rating specs, unlike some cheaper brands. 26,800mah is the max you can take on flights without a quantity limit.
6x Grifiti Nootle Quick Release Pipe Clamp (3 for 80/20 rig, 3 for receiver tower)
1x Mic stand or Monoprice Lighting Stand to hold the wireless HDMI receivers
Various HDMI cables and Micro USB cables to connect it all together


Thanks again Karl!