Twitch/livestream setups.


You can adjust the audio sync on the OBS side by going to Edit->Advanced Audio Properties->Sync Offset.


I don’t understand the point of pan/tilt for the scores. It does not seem an elegant solution to me: 1. I want to know everyone’s score 2. I want to see what ball they’re on 3. backglasses have cool art. 4. a stationary camera can be chopped up by the streaming software to show the same info without having to watch the camera move for every player.


Yeah, I agree with you here. Not sure what the rationale was for this at pinburgh. The only thing I can think of is that they were only using one score camera, which would have made he method you discussed super difficult to pull off.


I prefer the whole backbox too. Like this:


Unrelated question, is there a way to convert this 12v DC unlink hub to 5v so it can be powered by a power bank?


You could put a small boost converter between your power bank and the ulink hub, but it’s hard to say if the combo could supply enough current for the ulink hub. I think I’d be surprised if it worked and had a reasonable battery life.

Looks like this guy could get you up to 0.8A@12VDC:


Ooh nice. I’ll try this.


And that is why we were scrolling that information for every player.


The production quality was great and pinburgh was fantastic, but I’m a big proponent of clarity in presentation (something pinball machines need to re-focus on too). Trying to pay attention and remember scores displayed briefly in a corner of a portion of the screen, while also trying to watch the action is more work than I’m used to doing while watching TV.


I came across a really neat tool for monitoring USB bus utilization earlier today that folks around here may find handy:

Only useful on Linux, but it sure is nifty. Perhaps Win/Mac equivalents exist.


Just a question to Karl or anyone that has used the HDMI wireless. How high are you placing the transmitter/receivers for these? Are you placing both at about the level of the overhead cameras? I bought a set to try out. Trying to cut back on as many wires as possible.

Right now my overhead is a Sony handycam 1080p60.
My score cam is a Logitech 920 and player view is a Logitech 922 both powered by a powered usb hub.
The setup is great but I am trying to cut back on the wires as I am moving the cameras for League/Tournaments and it gets to be a pain.
If I can just use a single USB to the camera rig and the wireless HDMI it will be a lot easier.
I am in the process of trying a lithium battery on my rig.

Can You plug in the powered usb and the camera charger plug to the lithium battery?

This is the battery I have currently:


Yes, around that height on both ends should be fine.

Yes, I plug the usb power from the hdmi transmitter and from my camcorder into the battery packs I have.


The powered usb hub might need its own power source. The one I use needs 12v and I have not found a converter that works to power it with a battery.


Thanks Erik.


Thanks Karl


Do the HDMI transmitters have to be perfectly in line similar to garage door beam or is there some wiggle room?
I know nothing can be obstructing them like a wall, person, game, etc.
Just wondering if they need to be facing each other perfectly.


Very much interested in building a mobile rig… I think something with wheels, a battery bank, 2 hdmi cameras (score+pf) and transmitters would be awesome.


I’m doing that right now. But it will require some wires as I want a player cam too. Right now I have the rig down to needing to run Ethernet and power to the rig for a usb hub.

I will have a crossbar stand in between each set of two games, and the rig will attach to the T bar and hang down. Then each stand will have Ethernet and power you’ll need to plug in when taking from one stand to another.

I imagine two rows of ten games facing each other with the stream desk on the wall in the back in between the games. Have one rig for one wall, and one for the other.

Could stream two games at a time (to reduce downtime) and only need 6 cameras.


I think something like this, but much taller and on wheels would make for the ideal mobile rig. I’d make it just wider than a widebody, and tall enough that you could lift a playfield under it. This would allow you to easily squeeze in between games. That’s my biggest beef with tripod stands – if the games are somewhat close together it’s a pain to get in and out. Not ideal if you only have one camera. This design is also very sturdy – you could load it up with batteries, cameras, etc., and it would still be super sturdy.

Now I just need to figure out how to build it…any ideas?



You’ll have to do it custom in my research. Mine will be mostly custom.

I still have to do lots of testing with my idea, but I’ll report back if I get to a point that it might be worth others trying it. Haha