Twitch/livestream setups.


Yep, I use the Matchplay API to get the live player names on a game:

The API is great, you can get all of the relevant info you need and display it how you like using a browser source. OBS also provides some JavaScript calls to give you the current scene name. I use this to know which game info to display (each scene is named after a pinball table).


Edit: mwelsh replied while I was typing! has an API (application programmers interface) that allows data to be pulled from it and then used via other websites or interfaces. It’s a bit like an RSS feed I guess, if you’re familiar with that, but for the relevant tournament info.

I was hoping that OBS might have a way to bring the data in directly and then scroll it across the bottom or top of the feed. It seems like it should but I tried searching the OBS forums and coulnd’t find any mentions of importing data like this other than getting subscriber feeds from Twitch using a plugin designed specifically for that.


Wow, sweet shakeout by Donger!

I’m not directly setting up the feed and will be telling someone else how to implement this, so questions…

Do I need to host a page somewhere that is accessing the API and then bring that in via the browser source? Or does the browser source access the API data directly?


Yep, you’ll host a page that accesses the API via JavaScript and displays what you’d like. This would function even if you load it in a web browser. Then you add it as a browser source inside the streaming software.

(Alternatively, you can store the page locally on your PC, but then you need to load OBS with the --disable-web-security command line option to allow the local -> remote Matchplay calls to function.)


Still learning all the ins and outs as I add Xsplit to my arsenal. When I am using a camera that can do 60 fps (logitech cam), it appears that the manual settings for video output would allow me to adjust the resolution and the fps just follows it automatically. Take for instance, if I want to have the resolution at 1280x720, it will automatically set the camera at 60 fps. But if I only want to do 30, i change 60 to 30, hit apply, then it just reverts back to saying 60. what gives?


Another xsplit question. Noticed that this week when I set my stream up just like I always do, the CPU was at 100% after all the cameras were plugged in. Even with them unplugged it was at 25%.

If I set the cameras up the same way in OBS it’s at 19%. Anyone have this CPU % issue in xsplit before? Not sure how my CPU could be overloaded with one program and not the other.


What does task manager say (or mac equivalent if you are in to that sort of thing) ? I know in older versions of OBS the cpu use was a lie. My system would start hanging, skipping frames and OBS would show 15-20%.but task manger would show 90+%.


Good point. I know when I had xsplit open the task manager was pretty close. But with xsplit jumping all over the place cpu % wise, task manager was always all over the place too.

I’ll check task manager with OBS tomorrow.