Twitch/livestream setups.


Yup should do the question is how are the internal buses set up for what your doing t will be fine but if you put it under more stress it might not - I bought the one I have blindly and luckily it’s very well made - you should find the one I posted on amazon too as I’m sure that’s where I got it via.


Hmm. Sounds like that hub is going through bandwidth overload then. Double check that the off two cams have the FPS super low 5-10 and see if that helps. Then just try and use the playfield camera only and see if you can get that working okay at any point.


Ok will do, thank you sir


I will check that when I get home. I don’t think I set the frame rate that low, maybe that is part of the problem. Thanks for the help, I’ll report back


I will be putting in for my rig soon and will be most likely be getting this Elgato model:

OWC is flat out due to compatibility issues and general quality questions, so hopefully this alternative works.

If/ when i get it I’ll report back to see if it is a solid option!


FWIW, my wife and I have both been using the OWC TB2 dock for several years now (for general desktop use, not necessarily streaming) with no known compatibility problems or failures.


Me too the OWC TB2 is bullet proof and has more than the ElGato version - thebTb3/USb-C theybhave had issues but other have too so I think partly OS issues. I use the OWC with Mac OS X and windows 10 and it’s spot on.


I’ve also found that the lower the light the more the USB cams add to the bus and CPU load.


I was working in Xsplit last night (usually use OBS). I was able to figure everything out except how to have two mics running at once. i have a snowball right at the game speaker, and we also have two commentator headsets plugged into a mixer that is plugged into the computer.

I have both microphones active in my list of goodies there, but only one mic shows up as registering with those fancy sound bars haha. It appears in the settings I choose one mic and the stream uses that. I would like them both to be on at the same time to hopefully improve the game sounds the viewers hear in addtion to just the commentators voices that we typically have set up.



Also is there an adapter to be able to attach a snowball mic to a standard camera mounting screw?


Don’t have a Snowball, but I think it’s a 5/8" thread screw, and camera mounts are 1/4". An adapter like this should work:




So the Thunderbolt Dock completely fixed the problem I was having with the cameras freezing up, I can now run the cameras on high resolution. Awesome! Need some tweaks still as some of the areas look blown out with white LEDs.

When I tried to do a test stream, there was a delay between my computer and the stream, maybe 10 seconds. Any idea what would be causing that?


There will generally be an unavoidable 10s+ delay between the live feed and the stream just because of video processing, transmission, etc.

The different streaming services might have more/less delay. Twitch used to have a “Reduce Stream Delay” option in your channel settings, but I believe it’s activated for everyone by default now. YouTube has a setting for tweaking the latency (at the sacrifice of some quality). Mixer has a proprietary streaming protocol that supposedly allows for very low stream delay, but I’ve never tried it.


sound management in xsplit is pretty terrible sadly.


Whats the current recommendation on a laptop for streaming? Running windows on the mac is frustrating when either apple or $vendor updates drivers that aren’t compatible with each other.

Looking at the Razer Blade as it has 3 USB2 ports, USB-C/TB3 combo port and doesn’t weight a ton…



My 16.0 ram i5-7200U CPU 2.50ghz. Windows 10 works good for me.

Also @DEADFLIP helped me on the xsplit audio. Whatever you make your main microphone, you can add other mics as sources and they will be active too. Then adjust their sensitivity by right clicking on their source and adjusting.


Yeah you can do it but it could do with a proper mixer with levels.


Has anyone used the API to pull data into OBS for a live stream? Would like to show/scroll the standings if possible.


I’m not sure what API is, but what I’ve done is use the browser source option and link the standings.

To get them to look good and fit all the standings (works for up to 40 people), I make 4 copies of the standings windows and size them so that the names and points totals are close together and the top 20 show up on the left and bottom 20 show up on the right.

Then I made this it’s own scene so that if we wanted to look at the standings between rounds or dead times we could. No scrolling needed.