Twitch/livestream setups.


Oooh this looks cool. Last time I messed with audio filters in obs for some reason it killed all sound in my live stream. Audio was fine locally, just anyone tuning in couldnt hear. I need to figure that out…


I would think switching would be a problem in these setups


So I broke down and got a pinnovators board to do direct audio out from my LOTR. Sounds fine in my headphones, but sounds like total garbage in OBS. The sound is all choppy and garbled. I have an 1/8" cable going directly from LOTR to my line in. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Apparently the sound is only messed up in my recordings…it sounds fine when I turn on audio monitoring in OBS. Now I’m really confused.

Edit2: Noticed my CPU usage was blowing up for some reason. Restarted OBS and now everything is fine. Recording audio quality is good. Argh.


Anyone streaming using a Mac that could help me out? For some reason one of the three cameras I use keeps going out. I’m using OBS and have a Logitech 922 and two Logitech 920s, and it is one of the 920s that goes out. Thanks for any help/advice.


I’m not a mac user but, what resolution are the cameras at?


Whatever the default is (I’d have to look). I have basically just downloaded OBS and plugged everything in, I haven’t tweaked any settings yet.


Okay if you go into each camera and set them to custom instead of default, you can change their resolution. I would reduce the resolution on all the cameras until they all show up. Then you can see what you can increase them two before they get mad and shut off.


Thanks - I’ll try that tonight!


What kind of Mac do you have? You might be up against USB Bandwidth Limits.


I had the same problem with my Mac a while back. As others have mentioned, It’s likely a USB bandwidth issue. Basically the internal USB controller can’t handle all the data you are piping though. You can try using different ports, but whether that works depends on how things are configured internally. Definitely lower the resolution for any non essential cameras (eg score) to free up bandwidth.


It is a MacBook Pro with the Thunderbolt 3 ports only, no direct USB ports. I’ve got a Thunderbolt to USB adapter plugged in, then a USB hub plugged into the adapter.


The hub is 100% your issue. Definitely dial back the resolution. When i use a hub I dumb down the player and dmd to like 640x480 or less at 10-15 FPS, then the playfield should be able to do 720p at 30 FPS.


Perfect, I’ll do that tonight. Thanks for all the help!!


There are specific thunderbolt hubs that will let you use a lot more USB ports rather than a USB hub. I use this on my streaming rig.


Well I got all three going but the playfield one was super choppy, and that was with all the cameras scaled down. @neilmcrae, can you tell me what you’re using?




We’re you streaming when you experienced the choppiness? Could be your bit rate is set too high.


That’s the Tb2 one - they do a TB3/usb-c which I have used and had one dodgy review. On the TB2 side I’ve been able to stream 4 USB cams and and tested 2 HDMI encoders.


No, wasn’t streaming, just setting up the cameras. Two were pretty good but the playfield one was really bad. And that was with the other ones scaled down to a very low resolution.


Thanks Neil! I wonder if this one will work…