Twitch/livestream setups.


I’d recommend not to use 6 c920s but if no choice you need something with lots of USB or lots of ports that can become USB, I tried 6 920s with a Macbook Pro and two thunderbolt docking stations that can power 3 c920’s. It worked but managing the 920’s is painful trying to change their settings.



How are you pulling this off? Have a PC with a thunderbolt port, would love to see it maybe get use.


I’m using one of these with my macbook:

Works great. This usb3 device works great too. If you want to capture 2 hdmi devices on your macbook:


Thanks! Since I can get my hands on a few USB cameras to start I might go that route, but:

USB bandwidth distribution on my streaming comp isn’t great, so I’m limited to 2 cameras.

Using the Thunderbolt port could fix the bandwidth issue, but Thunderbolt 1/2 USB hubs were mostly for Mac docks (expensive) and Thunderbolt 3 USB hubs need conversion.

Is there any other bandwidth mitigation strategy/ product that I’m missing?


This works with windows 10 as I run my mac in bootcamp mode with windows 10.

I’ve not yet tested the newer thunderbolt 3 version.


how do you capture two HDMI devices with the magewell one it only has one input?



If it works great, that’s fine with me! Hopefully I can get the configuration set up and finally justify the 2 Thunderbolts on my mobo. :smile:


Sorry, I wasn’t clear on that. I’m using the magewell and blackmagic simultaneously. So 1 hdmi port on each device.


has anyone tried the Logitech Brio as a playfield cam? any feedback? i know USB cams are falling out of favor but HDMI won’t work for my setup.


I’m getting one but won’t be able to try it until after the Louisville show. I’ll report back as soon as I know.


Pitaven was hanging in our chat last night. He said he streams with the Brio. Looks like a step up from the 922 but not quite Camcorder quality. Here’s a past broadcast:


thanks - looks more than adequate for what I’m doing.


yes I use it, its very good but takes up a lot of USB bandwidth downside on it also is that it needs a bracket it has no movable mech like the 922- See my most recent videos on youtube/neilmcrae1 where I’m streaming AFMR - i’m using the brio as the martian topper cam.


Played with the brio, it is a nicer cam but a huge bandwidth hog I found.


Hi there, Owlnonymous, Karl from IEPinball and Jack from DeadFlip have inspired me to try start a pinball stream but wanted to make sure that the quality of the stream makes up for our average play…

My goal => Have good quality 1080p @ 60fps stream on a mix of Bally Williams, Stern, Chicago Gamming and TNA machines…… have fun and learn something new while doing it.

Below is a what I think my setup may look like:
Cameras/ Video Feeds:
Playfield => HDMI Video Camera for the playfield
Player Cam => Webcam
Tilt Bob Cam => Webcam
Flipper Close up Cam => Web Cam
DMD / Score => Direct DMD or LCD to HDMI if possible else Webcam if direct feed not possible

Game Audio feed => Direct feed from machine
Player Audio => USB Mic

Other Equipment
Lighting => 2 sets of dimmable LED Studio Lights with soft boxes
Software => Been playing with OBS but will happy for other suggestions, I would like to work out how to display chat feed and possibly live comp scores eventually
Computer => Dell Desktop with Intel Xeon E5-1620 v3 @ 3.50GHz with 16Megs of Ram running Windows 7

What I have bought thus far:
• 4 X Stands (combination of mic stands and lighting stands)
• 4 X Grips/Clamp/Mounts
• Set of lights with soft boxes
• 3 X Logitech c920 (player & tilt bob plus flipper closeup)
• DMD Extender with Raspberry Pi for direct feed for DMD
• 2 X of HDMI splitters
• Several USB and HDMI cords and extenders
• Snowball mic

Still to get / work out:

  1. Main playfield camera probably Sony CX405
  2. HDMI Capture card(s)
  3. Whatever is needed for setting up a direct Audio from the machine

My questions:

  1. What HDMI capture cards would you recommend which balance quality, ease of use, reliability and cost?

  2. Would you recommend any other camera for the playfield other than the Sony CX-405…seems to be consensus that this is the one but wanted to check.

  3. I have not thought about the direct audio from the machine yet but was thinking this is simply connecting a couple crocodile clips to the game speakers…

  • Is there more to it than this?
  • Can you take the Audio link into the Raspberry Pi if it is being used with DMD extender so it could just feed down the HDMI cable with the DMD output?

Anything else I should think or be warned about?

Thanks a lot

Pinball Evangelist


Highly recommend the elgato camlink

USB extension cables or hubs will give you fits. Try to avoid them at all costs (in my experience). If you have to use them you’ll have to dumb down resolution and frame rates big time to get them to play nice. Trying to go 1080 at 60 you’ll definitely want that camera plugged directly into the computer.

This is usb only though. I haven’t had issues with extended hdmi upwards of 50 feet. There’s also wireless hmdi extenders Karl has used that I haven’t tried yet.


@chuckwurt thanks for the pointers…

Any thoughts on the direct Audio feed? Is it as simple as couple crocodile clips on the speaker terminals or is there more to it?


Haven’t done direct audio. Pinball_live on twitch does and told me this:

audio i just use croc-clips on to the speaker terminals and a sounddesk. Behringer X1204USB is a good choice.


I use the internal Elgato HD60 Pro for my playfield cams. I also use the external Elgato HD60 S for my score cams. I’m sure the CamLink works just as well. Others use AverMedia. They should all work without much issue. You might consider an internal capture card so that you can spare some USB bandwidth for your webcams.

Lots of advice relating to the C920 earlier in this thread: mainly to turn off Auto-Focus and Low Light Compensation (especially if you are getting extra lighting). You may or may not want to set them to 60FPS – they unfortunately have lower quality at 60FPS, but for something like a tilt bob cam it won’t be noticeable and the extra FPS would be cool.

I use the CX-405, they work nicely but I’m also on the lookout for other options. Note that the camera uses Micro HDMI, so you may want to scope out a longer Micro-HDMI cord or an HDMI->Micro adapter to have on hand. Also, you’ll want to plug the camera into the wall for long sessions. It comes with a power adapter, but I use a USB power pack veclro’d to the camera stand.

I don’t have any experience with the DMD Extenders, but TNA outputs both video and audio over its HDMI signal, and you’ll need an extra camera there for the score displays.

If you can get the audio from the croc clips to a 3.5mm jack, you can just plug it into the Line-In on your PC and add this as a Microphone Device or Audio Input Source to your OBS scene. You may or may not have some issue mixing the USB and analog sources (USB will be delayed slightly, so there might be echo). I usually settle for this when I stream on location. But if you want to get a littler fancier, you could get a mixer and an XLR mic instead of the Snowball. The Behringer Xenyx USB mixers that @chuckwurt mentioned are all nice and relatively cheap.

Always nice to see new pinball streamers, good luck! :slight_smile:


Maybe I am short sighted but I cant see myself needing more than a couple of audio inputs so think I might get the cheaper Behringer Xenyx Q502USB which is only ~$60 +Shipping from Amazon ==>