Twitch/livestream setups.


I’d recommend not to use 6 c920s but if no choice you need something with lots of USB or lots of ports that can become USB, I tried 6 920s with a Macbook Pro and two thunderbolt docking stations that can power 3 c920’s. It worked but managing the 920’s is painful trying to change their settings.



How are you pulling this off? Have a PC with a thunderbolt port, would love to see it maybe get use.


I’m using one of these with my macbook:

Works great. This usb3 device works great too. If you want to capture 2 hdmi devices on your macbook:


Thanks! Since I can get my hands on a few USB cameras to start I might go that route, but:

USB bandwidth distribution on my streaming comp isn’t great, so I’m limited to 2 cameras.

Using the Thunderbolt port could fix the bandwidth issue, but Thunderbolt 1/2 USB hubs were mostly for Mac docks (expensive) and Thunderbolt 3 USB hubs need conversion.

Is there any other bandwidth mitigation strategy/ product that I’m missing?


This works with windows 10 as I run my mac in bootcamp mode with windows 10.

I’ve not yet tested the newer thunderbolt 3 version.


how do you capture two HDMI devices with the magewell one it only has one input?



If it works great, that’s fine with me! Hopefully I can get the configuration set up and finally justify the 2 Thunderbolts on my mobo. :smile:


Sorry, I wasn’t clear on that. I’m using the magewell and blackmagic simultaneously. So 1 hdmi port on each device.


has anyone tried the Logitech Brio as a playfield cam? any feedback? i know USB cams are falling out of favor but HDMI won’t work for my setup.


I’m getting one but won’t be able to try it until after the Louisville show. I’ll report back as soon as I know.


Pitaven was hanging in our chat last night. He said he streams with the Brio. Looks like a step up from the 922 but not quite Camcorder quality. Here’s a past broadcast:


thanks - looks more than adequate for what I’m doing.