Twitch/livestream setups.


If you are using OBS try using an EQ VST plugin. I used one when I streamed Silverball showdown and it worked really well. I was using the snowball too and you could hear a constant low pitch rumble from the arcade. I was able to get rid of a lot of that with the EQ.


lowering the mic gain in your computer works too. If you’re using a PC, it’s in the Sound settings. When I’m in a loud bar, I have to take mine down to like 7/100.


C920 for under $50 on newegg with coupon code. Deal probably won’t last long.


K15 Open 2017 qualification streaming currently live at (which redirects to K15pinball twitch channel)

Our crew managed to implement some pretty neat features combining our live scoring system to live stream, adding automatically some interesting information about the players and standings to the stream. In my opinion this helps greatly to produce interesting stream content without having live commentators always available.

If I find some extra time I try to write a little more about the setup.



Really interested in this info. The stream was phenomenal and the live updates added a very nice touch.


Hi all, just come across this thread - thanks @WWJ for the headsup.

I streamed the recent event at Play Expo (Manchester, UK) this year… the live stream is still up and I plan to put an edited version together for YouTube, but it’s pretty watchable as-is. Just a small pause in the action at one stage.


Appreciate your comments!

I would echo peoples thoughts about long USB, HDMI is much more forgiving especially at 720p30. For this event I had to use some converters and then run SDI coax back to the commentary booth as one particular run was 30m / 100ft.

CX405 cams all the way for me!

I’m planning to do a stream this evening (8pm GMT / 2pm CT) so happy to answer any questions “in person”, but I’ll keep an eye on this excellent thread from now on.




Do you have any sample video from this setup? Is this what your Twitch channel is currently using for DMD?


if anyone wants to come watch me stream for SDTM pinball tomorrow night we are going to be messing around with a stream rig I made to hopefully be used in the future for the tournaments I host.

If working right, should be able to go from game to game with ease and stream up to 15 pinball machines with only one set of cameras. The streaming booth will be around 75ft away from the cameras too. Game switching should take seconds.

We shall see. Would love other streamers to tune in and give your thoughts.

8 pm eastern.


Most of my setups are wired w/ Logitech C922s for the DMDs, but I have a single wireless setup where I use the Git2 for the DMD capture along with a wireless HDMI transmitter + CX405 for the playfield. I can move this setup around easily, which is nice when there are more games than cameras.

Here’s a sample with the wireless setup from yesterday:

You can notice the ~1s latency on the score cam, but it’s not so bad. Works decent enough for a DMD game, but the newer LCD games are a little unreadable with it. This is only a single setup too; I’m not sure how it’d work with multiple wireless cams in the same room.


Interesting. Might try the HDMI wireless transmitter on my setup when I upgrade to the cx405. It’s that or run a 50ft hdmi. Haha


Would love to know everyone’s thoughts on tonight’s stream. We did a dry run of how I would stream a tournament in my basement. Was able to move the rig from game to game in seconds. Also this rig uses the usb hub that runs an Ethernet cable from a hub to hub and connects to the stream computer 100’ away.

I had the PF at 30 fps, and the player and dmd at 15 fps. I may be able to push the player and dmd to 20 fps, but probably not. I think it turned out pretty good and think that a tournament could be more than watchable this way.

I will be streaming a tournament on dec 2. Qualifying and finals. Hopefully I can convince Greg and Zach to do the commentary.

YouTube link:


Can you post a few pics of your rig? I’m interested on how you set your cameras and able to switch so quickly.


[quote=“TomGWI, post:455, topic:107, full:true”]
Can you post a few pics of your rig? I’m interested on how you set your cameras and able to switch so quickly.

Tried to get some good ones. If you have any other specific questions, let me know. I can post a punch list of stuff you need to make this rig too.


That’s Excellent. What are you using for a track to move the cameras?


Massive post incoming!! Haha:

First you need some Rubbermaid Fasttrack hanging tracks. They are for garage walls to hang bikes and tools on. I put these across the studs in my ceiling:

Then you will need this attachment for the fasttrack system. This is the part that will have all your gear attached to it:

Then you will need a ton of strong zip ties. I say go to home depot and get a big back of long fairly thick zip ties.

Then you will need one of these:

Two of these, one for the player cam and one for the DMD cam:

I also bought one of these to attach to the monopod for the playfield cam as it gives you easier adjustments for the camera than the one mounted on the monopod just attach it to the end of the monopod:

Last piece and most important is this. it is a part from a lighting stand. go to the link and order part #94352 complete side arm assembly from the order form at the bottom ($20):

So the theory behind this is you put the track across your ceiling above the part of the play field you want the PF cam to sit above. the PF cam will sit back off the track about 3", and will be pointed straight down via the monopod.

the attachment you put on the track has a clip on it that makes it easy to dettach and reattach, but it can also be slid up and down the track. it has two prongs on it. the monopod will be attached with zip ties on the inside of one of the prongs and point straight down to the playfield. that is your playfield cam mount.

Next is mounting the lighting stand part you ordered to the fast track bracket. this piece goes between the monopod and the other prong of the fast track attachment. this takes some fine tuning with the zip ties you have, but what you want is this pole to be pointed at a 45 degree angle towards the DMD. secure the pole to the fast track attachment via xip ties and the holes that are in the pole.

Next use the goose neck clamps and put one on the very end of the pole (closest to the backglass) and position it so that the camera on that will shoot the player.

Next use the other goose neck clamp just above the other one on the light stand pole. this is your DMD cam. you should be able to position it so that you get a perfect straight on view to the DMD. beauty of this is that even if you move to a EM or SS game, you can take that goose neck clamp, move it all the way up the pole as far as it will go (right next to the track system), then you can adjust the camera to get it back far enough to see all four score displays of the backglass. When you do this it will be very close to the playfield cam, but shouldn’t affect anything.

the tracks come in 7’ and 4’ lengths. if 7’ is too short, get two and line them up.

Then the last thing I use is the Ethernet extended USB hub I’ve mentioned earlier in this thread and run the cables along the ceiling behind the rig using some J channel cable management stuff


Thanks. For some reason the links just go to the amazon home page for me but I get the general idea. Truly awesome setup.


Links fixed.


Great. Thanks


Can someone help me with what I will need to get direct video and audio from my GOT? Is that possible for that game?


@Pinball_LIVE was able to get live audio from any machine which had it. Not sure exactly how he did it but it was only a matter of crocodile clips, and could be changed from machine to machine in seconds.

Hopefully he’ll see this and give a direct answer. Or ask him in person - he usually live streams every Wed night (8pm GMT / 2pm CT)