Twitch/livestream setups.


But in OBS on my computer you can just go into properties, and turns off the auto focus. It’s a check box ok the second tab within properties.


Thats good info Tim. i’ve struggled with that on my setup for a long time. my solution was to use an assortment of cams.


For some reason, I don’t have those properties in my OBS. I agree it should. @timballs this is what I experienced as well. Re-connecting provides mixed results.


My bad. Just noticed you’re Mac.


In windows land I solved this problem by connecting all the cameras figuring out which one my cameras I could control and numbering it. If you have four cameras the first label would be camera 4. Keep doing this until you get to 1 camera plugged in. Now plug them in in order and adjust the settings of each as you plug them in. You only get one shot at adjusting the cameras because, once you have them all plugged in you will only be able to adjust camera 4. Good luck!


Now I’m using a Monoprice 8x1 HDMI switch, and I wrote a little app to control it from my PC over serial cable. It lets you bind each input to a hotkey, so I can switch both my OBS scene and the HDMI input using a single key and no remote controls. Here’s the app on the off chance that it’s useful to anyone else:

Monoprice 8x1 HDMI Controller App on GitHub

Any USB-to-RS232 cable should work fine. I use this one, no problem even with a long USB extension cable.

No clue if it works with any of the other models of HDMI switch.


Found Rubbermaid Fasttracks at Home Depot today. I think this is going to make streaming multiple games at my house much easier. This system attaches perfectly to the bottom of the floor joists and the attachment slides easily along the track. Now I just need to get the perfect setup of attaching the cameras to it for the dmd andthe player so all of them can move from game to game easy. For now I have a monopod attached that serves well for the playfield cam.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Rail, 84", 5G77


Linking @GarrettHays dissertation on his streaming setup here (it’s a separate thread)


Nice! At INDISC I made batch files to control the 4 Monoprice switches I use. This should make life easier, thanks!


Ok. I bought this camera just to test the limits of cheap webcams. It’s not great but I think it would be ok as an extra player cam or DMD cam. HOWEVER I can’t seem to disable autofocus. The section in xsplit is all greyed out. I can change the exposure and stuff. But not the focus like I can on my logitech cams. Are there alternative drivers or firmware that could fix this? Or some type of cam control software? Probably not worth the time if the fix isn’t fairly simple.


For those of you that stream games with LCDs, how do you capture the LCD without it being all washed out and contrasty? For some reason I can not find good settings for that. I’m using a c920 on the Star Wars LCD and it just looks terribly washed out.


I’ve had a really hard time on WOZ, Aerosmith and Lexy Lightspeed. The best I could do was to lower the exposure a ton until everything else except the LCD was really dark and mess with the white balance until the colors looked ok. It never looked good but you could at least see player scores.


I use c920’s for everything but the playfield.
For Star was or any LCD screen, you gotta drop the crap out of the exposure, up the gain only a touch, and work your white balance to get it right.
Don’t mess with brightness or contrast.


If you haven’t already sorted your camera settings, I use a Mac and the Webcam Settings application.

You don’t have to unplug/adjust/replug cameras like some of the PC users have lamented. In the app, there’s a drop down menu where you can select which cam you’d like to adjust, listed as: Logitech c920 #1, #2, #3, when dealing with the same model.


Purchased! I’ll report back once there’s new Batman code to stream, or after the Wing Pingolf Classic 2 on Saturday when I give this a try.


We did our first live streams from noisy venues this week. The audio was… frustrating. There was the noise from the machines being played, the venue’s music (which we did have them turn down a bit) and then bar goers whose conversations became louder the later the night and greater the alcohol.

How do you mix the audio in these situations? I run a Mac, OBS, Audio Hijack and use a Blue Snowball. I suppose this question is meant for Mac users like @DEADFLIP @BrewinBombers @TaylorVA

Also, for the first time in a long while the audio was out of sync for the initial part of our stream. After dialing in those settings and being consistent with which USB hubs and cables were dedicated to each device, what causes this to happen?

We’re still very new at this and appreciate such a supportive community. :slight_smile:


We have this problem at our venue as well. I think getting closer to the mic and lowering the gain on the mic would help. We use nice pro headsets with built in mics. I think this helps - but it’s still very noisy. But for the most part you can hear what the commentator is saying. Here is an example of our stream. We are VERY new at this. This was our first tourney stream. Lots of plans for future streams. Multiple games on cam or a movable rig is high on the list. I believe these are the headsets we are using. The mics are XLR and we have them going into an audio mixer.


I think you’re right. Getting closer to the mic would definitely be better and I will fiddle with gain as well.

The headset mics do a world of good from what I was hearing, though I can’t imagine trying to play while wearing one (in our situation). Thanks for the advice!


I think misary is on the right track. I use a snowball on my Mac but I only stream out of my game room so not much of an issue. The headset mic seems like a decent solution and something I’ve kicked around but I know I’d jerk it off my head almost every game played.


What sort of accessories would I need in order to receive the camera’s HDMI output into my computer? Would something like this work?

Would it just be as simple as plugging it in, and now you can select it as a source on OBS?