Twitch/livestream setups.

Looks like you can stream on Amazon now. But costs money.

anyone looking into Brime? Im going to sign up for the alpha today at 2pm Est.

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update, got onto the waitlist for the beta

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I don’t stream, however I might be borrowing a rig to stream with in the near future. I’ve heard of issues with streams getting shut down because of music and licensing issues or something along those lines.

Is this still a thing?

If yes, how do you prevent it, just mute sound?

One of the games that might be streamed is Iron Maiden.

Not an issue that I’ve ever experienced. Worst case is twitch will mute a portion of the stream automatically.

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yeah i haven’t had any agro. Youtube occasionally moan at my vods that I can’t monetise them but its no big deal.


What’s everyone using for 60fps streams?

I was looking for something primarily for home streams with occasional dark on-location use when the world restarts, but have been having issues figuring out what cameras and camcorders output 60FPS through HDMI.

I saw the Sony 405 and 440s stuggled in low light.

Buffalo’s & l33tsandman’s streams looked decent with the Panasonic v770, but I can’t seem to find the FPS for their HDMI outputs.

Budget is around 400-600 USD.

I would be interested to see what others use but in my experience you’re going to need external lighting for any camera you use. I always just have my trusty LED lights with me when I go to a dark location. They are cheap and easy to travel with and add to your rig.

But the auto exposure setting on the CX405 is way better than any webcam that’s for sure.

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Oh yeah definitely planning on bringing a few lights. I’ve got a led panel I’m using for now but am planning on more panels.

I’m looking for a camcorder or camera system with Lumix GX85 / Panasonic V770 quality or better at 60FPS

Some friends swear by the Sony A6400. Dontpanicflip uses this for his playfield cam.

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Logitech Brio 4k or cx405 with an older camlink, but mostly a set of brios.

If your only light source is the pinball machine you will struggle with a lot of cameras. 405 is great bang for buck with decent ambient light - it works well.

anything else it’s a “how much do you want to spend “discussion? I just got canon M6 2 amazing performance but not sure I’d have spent that for my first stream. Sony Alpha’s are used by a lot of streamers as they are very video friendly.


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I just tried using my iPhone as a playfield cam using OBS and OBS Camera and it looks pretty damn good! Only thing is it’s a $16 app, but it’s totally worth it for how easy it was and how good it looks. Be sure to explore all the settings in the app to force it to 1080/60fps

I believe if you have Mac I don’t think you need to buy the app as the iPhone just shows up as a source automatically

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How does your computer recognize the phone? Can you go wireless?

I believe the app has NDI and wireless options but I just use my iPhone cable. Also helps it stay charged

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It says it can broadcast over the network to NewTek NDI Capable receivers, whatever that means, although I think you lose the built in OBS integration

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You can snag the NDI Plugin for OBS. I’ve used this successfully in the past.

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Does anybody have any tips on getting two Blackbird transmitters to work simultaneously? The manual isn’t much help but says it’ll support up to 16 devices at once. One of mine keeps going black when I turn the other one on. I’ve tried changing the channel but that doesn’t seem to do much. Is there a channel select on these things somewhere?


My best advice is to completely reset both. Then only turn one of them on and get it working. Then unplug both ends of the working one and then get the other one working on it’s own. Then try both at the same time.

It’s tricking getting them paired the first time, but once you do, it should be smooth sailing after that.


Thank you. I will give that method a try on Saturday. Fingers crossed because I’m supposed to be covering our Turtles tournament.