Twin Galaxies/IFPA Worldwide Walking Dead Tournament

Twin Galaxies, in close partnership with the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) has jointly decided to open the all-new adjudication process to the pinball community as an exciting experiment to see if competitive leaderboard pinball can once again take place successfully on the Twin Galaxies scoreboards!

The inaugural pinball game is The Walking Dead from Stern Pinball ( and there is a special BOUNTY reward for the player who is able to hold on to the #1 rank spot!!!

Whomever is in the #1 rank position by SCS Day (February 13th, 2016, 6pm CST) will receive $100 cash, a custom TWD trophy, and signed TWD

“We are very excited about this opportunity to work with Twin Galaxies and bring more options into the competitive pinball world,” said Josh Sharpe, President of the IFPA, “we hope that the Twin Galaxies leaderboards can be a fun way to have year round competition in-between our official IFPA events!”

“It is an honor to be working with Josh Sharpe and the Pinball community. It is our fondest wish to be able to bring additional value and recognition to pinball players everywhere and help include them into the overall worldwide perception electronic gaming community that Twin Galaxies fiercely supports.”

If you are new to Twin Galaxies and want to compete, you can visit this link to learn how to sign up (its free!)

The Twin Galaxies rules and competitive track can be found here:

A tutorial on how to record your pinball submission can be found here:

Any questions please contact the IFPA at

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Pro has no chance vs Prem/LE. :frowning:

Then buy a premium :wink:

Just dial in the forward nudge well walker bomb on the pro.

Interesting. Sort of running contrary to that whole no more WPPRs for highscore tournaments rule, but that’s not a bad thing.

I wonder if pinball shops will start selling Twin Galaxies rubber sets that make the game really slow and controllable. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any rule in place against Zen Pinball style underpowered slingshots. Looking forward to people figuring out lots of creative ways how to neuter their machines (no sarcasm here, I’m really looking forward to how this pans out).

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Not everything we do is about the WPPRs (KOTR campaign comes to mind).

Figured this was worth a shot to try and allow homeowners to participate in a global campaign.

I was skeptical in talking with the TG guy about it, but he’s extremely confident in their peer reviewing process and sold me on giving this thing a chance to work.

Looking forward to seeing if this gains any traction.

Just hand the prizes over to Elwin and save the contest. Who can beat him?

That’s the spirit Todd!


What settings does install novelty change? And what settings does install competition change?

(I’m partly asking because I change settings for all leagues and tournaments to turn off extra balls and set competition mode to “yes”, and then have to go back and change them after the event. Wondering if this is a good shortcut…though it’s unclear how you would “uninstall” competition.)

Novelty turns off specials, replays, extras and sets it to free play.

Competition turns on all the tournament mode goodies (competition mode is on, coin door ball saver on, tilt disabled when door is open, etc).

Installing factory will always put it ‘back to normal’ first (which is actually why we require that to be the first install). Other feature adjustments don’t get overridden by novelty/competition installs.

I liked it better in the old days when you could just look those things up in the manual. Do any new games have this chart?

How many entry’s so far? Getting ready to laugh I am.


Dude, the guy’s going out of his way, in spare time, to make partnerships for increased visibility of pinball. They don’t all work out. Why not laugh your way to an entry instead of an insult?


Put up some of his own money for a prize as well. Thanks, Josh.


Unfortunately . . . a complete bust. The world just couldn’t handle this awesomeness :slightly_smiling: