TWD pop exit SDTM

Enjoy this pin but the SDTM out of the pop exit is quite the buzzkill. Any tips on playing this? Super tight tilt usually gets a warning as well.

Yeah super tight tilt kills this game. It’s weird mine on location isn’t very drainy from pops but Jim’s at indisc was terrible.

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The one I play most often has this issue. The op put a fat post rubber at the entrance to the right ramp to try preventing center drains but it doesn’t help much. I generally use up my dangers saving these and eventually tilt out. Between the drains out of the pops and the head not registering shots, I usually want to set this game on fire.


Keep the ball going side to side as much as possible with nudging and play like your life depends on it. Zombie pops kill!

I know this is an older thread but I wanted to chime in. This isn’t something I really have issues with. When the ball comes out of the pops, 90% of the time I let it dead bounce off the left flipper and then trap on the right. Use your ball saver at the start of each ball to try that out. Just get it out of the pops asap. That other 10% is when a pop throws the ball sideways, but hardly SDTM. Side nudges are your friend here.

I find nothing more seriously boring than pop bumper nests with only safe feeds. Spiderman and Star Trek come to mind of games I just assume leave the pop bumpers broken on rather than watch the ball bounce around for 20 seconds with zero chance of draining. TWD is old school of having to be on your toes while the ball is in the bumper nest.


The first one I played was leaning to the right a little bit, and it would drain STDM what felt like 50% of the time. Others have not been nearly as bad.

So, make sure the pin is level side to side, or maybe even leaning a hair to the left. :smile:

I haven’t been back to play this game in a while. I heard the op loosened the tilt a bit so players aren’t tilting out as frequently. I appreciate having to play the game as the ball comes out of the pops but the tilt was so tight it was pretty stacked against the player
and at a buck a pop it wasn’t worth it IMO

The two TWDs I played didn’t have this problem.

The ACDC I always play seems to be nice and level, yet drains probably 30% from the pops. Nobody else seems to complain about ACDC, and the normal customers at the bar seem to prefer ACDC over the Metallica they have. My girlfriend refuses to nudge and I’ve seen her get all the way to ball 2 with that business burning through the ballsaves.

Yeah, pops are most fun when they contribute to randomness, but I don’t really appreciate feed-y randomness.

Which is yours? The two I’ve been playing in SD this time around (Waterfront and Coin-Op) I feel have both been set up pretty well, and not super-drainy from the pops like the ones I’m used to back in NYC.

Playing these nicely set up games the last couple weeks have actually turned my opinion of this game around quite a bit. It’s really allowed me to appreciate the varied shots, and how different they all feel.

Here’s some decent pop location for you

Kissiana Jones


Cairo guitar solo!

Duff guitar solo in Cairo?

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