TSPP: What's the super jackpot shot on Mystery Spot multiball?

After you’ve cleared all the Mystery Spot shots, it says Shoot the Super (or something like that). I shot Otto, but no dice. Had Itchy/Scratchy stacked, so there were already flashing yellow arrows everywhere.

Two shots to the garage: one to open it, then another one quickly to score the super. Additionally, if you have the super lit/ready when you drain out of MS, the garage door briefly opens for a shot at a grace period super! That’s actually how I got my first and only (so far) SDMEWM…super friendly grace period super for my last requirement! :smiley:


EDIT: I defer to KCB. :slight_smile:

If you’re really feeling like hot stuff but also hate trying to open the door and cash in the super jackpot, you can always try the “Do or Die” super jackpot strat: trap a ball on each flipper, then flip one into the drain while leaving both flippers up. When the garage door opens, that means that the flippers have reverted to the non-reversed state and you have two or three seconds to snag the quick non-reversed MS super!

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for the damage caused by putting your fist through the glass when you go for this and it doesn’t work out. Not that I know first hand about ever missing the super this way…nope. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. :wink:


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