Trying to plan a Pro-Am tournament, input requested


Like I’ve said, it all depends on response, right? Of course we’re going to target the best of the best, but we’re keeping our options open.

I’m hoping the response so far is just because not everybody checks the forums every day. :wink:


We’re all looking for how to get pinball on TV, let’s turn this idea into a show: The Voice, but with pinball instead of singing.


Now you’re talking. That may be a bit above my production abilities, though. :slight_smile:


I’m always down. :sunglasses:


Maybe consider celebrities beyond top players. Some podcasters / streamers have reasonable followings. Maybe doing something like a charity auction for who you get paired with. I think it would be important to be paired with a celebrity that is meaningful to you. For many people getting paired with someone like Andrei would be cool. For many SFPD members it might be less cool since he is visible and very social in the local community. Some people might enjoy getting paired with podcast celebrities like @PinballProfile, for me that would ruin my trip (because Jeff and play together all the time, and because he lost the throw down against slam tilt :slight_smile: )


Instead of trying to encourage folks to head to NW Indiana why don’t you try to work with Trent and add a Pro-Am side event to Expo? All the pro’s will be there already… Expo will probably be a Stern Circuit Event next year where you’ll have more pro’s.


I always kind of assumed it would end up being held in a Chicagoland location (of which we’re technically a part of! :wink: ). Doing it alongside Expo is something else we talked about. Knowing it’s going to be a Stern Circuit event will probably mean more people are available, so that may be a good way of doing it. Maybe only problem is how long that tournament normally runs anyway?


A good idea, and again probably would work best alongside Expo or something else that everyone is already coming to.


For a reasonable example of ‘pro’ coaching of players you might watch the PAPA League Challenges. Here is FSPA vs PPL

They allowed coaching and it’s a pretty watchable event.


Not just coaching, but we allowed substitutions mid-ball! It was a riot.


I think i saw some of that live, will have to watch again.

@keefer, @sk8ball, @Smack847 you’re all local, what do you guys think? What would be fun for you guys? Not your cup of tea?


All pinball is my cup of tea! (As long as it doesn’t impact vacation days of course). A fun format that’s easily digestible for new players and doesn’t take so long is pin golf either set to score or set to random objectives specific to a game (I.e. lock a ball on Banzai run). Even team formats are tons of fun for camaraderie (I.e. Epstein cup, pinbrawl), even the euros have some fun unique rules on their team stuff with each player playing a single ball, switching up partners. Tons of different ways to approach it.


Hit reply too quickly and I can’t personally speak to it since I’ve never played in it but what @kdeangelo has built up with his critical hit cards sounds and looks amazing, easily a format I’d love to try and play!! Modica plague FTW!


Epstein Cup format could be cool. Couple suggestions of that so far. Get multiple Ams and Pros on the same team.

I’m all about avoiding vacation days!