Trouble updating the wiki

Hey everyone. I’ve been trying to get the Batman 66 wiki updated to the new 1.0 code and made a few small edits before getting a “Sorry, an error occurred” message. After trying a few different things I think I narrowed it down to an issue with adding too much text before the existing text. I wanted to add a table of contents and move up one of the rule subjects but can’t seem to get it to work. I’m thinking the history/change log can’t deal with it. Anyone have any ideas how to work this out? Would I need to post it as a new wiki?

@gdd, worth updating to the latest version of Discourse to see if perhaps that resolves the problem?

@Jahkub, as a workaround, have you tried inserting smaller blocks of text at a time, to see if that makes it any happier?


Thanks @joe, that seems to work if I keep it around 20 lines or so. Certainly not ideal but it’ll get me there for now.

Never mind, it’s still being mean, although I did get a couple paragraphs moved up.

Edit: Now it’s kinda working again… Hit or miss.

The content on that post conveniently looks to be sitting just shy of 32kb, so it might also be an nginx config issue.

Interestingly I can’t even seem to add even typed text to the bottom of the wiki at this point. Maybe I hit a maximum file size or something? I just want to update all the progress I’ve made. :cry:

The client_max_body_size defaults to 1m; if it is set to 32k, I’d think it would block almost all attachments. :slight_smile:

proxy_buffers defaults to 8 * $pagesize which ends up at 32k on x86 (and x64) systems. There are also a handful of other fcgi related tubables that could factor in. Of course without looking at logs we’re just speculating based on funny sized numbers, and talking out our rears :slight_smile:

I completed an update a couple hours ago.

There have been some issues at my hosting provider and we’ve been running short on disk space, so those were more likely culprits. I am hoping that stuff is more stable now.

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Great! Thanks for all you do here, I’ll give it a shot soon!
I’m not sure if I still have the issue yet but I think it might be the wiki itself failing to understand where to highlight the changes in the log when I dump a big block of text into it. Would that make sense to any of you?

Still not working :confused:

Out of complete frustration I figured I’d try to start a new “v1.0” rule sheet post for BM 66 and discovered the real problem with editing the current one. The error message when I tried to make a new post was “Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 48564.”

Soooo, I guess I can’t post my edit here unless the character limit is raised. I did put a lot of time into this and it would be a shame to pare it down so much.

Any thoughts on this @gdd?

Parts 1-x as needed, in a new thread.

Only the first post of the wiki is editable, so that would get unwieldy. I think the better solution is for @gdd to up the max_post_length default from 32000.


I have doubled it to 64000



Thanks for doing that!

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