Tron ending balls midstream

I haven’t seen this, but several people have reported that Tron has ended their a ball in the middle of playing. I have asked several times whether it went to bonus or not, and nobody ever notices. It has sometimes happened on ball 3 and sometimes on not-ball-3. In those situations they are playing on. It seems like maybe a trough switch is a little tight or a ball in the trough is rolling around, but after experimenting with it I have yet to have it happen to me. Any thoughts? We did update software to the newest version when we got the game.

Flaky connector at trough board might cause this, try reseating.


This exactly. I’ve seen it occur on two of our location machines Tron & AC/DC. Tron also can have an issue on the disc where it’ll phantom read on nudging due to a connector issue as well. :frowning:

Had this issue on ACDC and Star Trek as well. Contacted Stern and they sent me some extensions for the trough connectors so they wouldn’t be so stressed. Zero problems since.

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Thanks for the tip! I will contact them about this.

I’ve read where people have said the connectors loosen/shake off but all my games have shakers and I’ve never had a problem with the connector coming off but did require a re-seat to reestablish the electrical connector.

What I did was anytime I’ve this problem with a Stern game, I’ve replaced the connectors with Molex connectors and trifurcon pins. The issue has never returned. I also had this issue on the trough proximity sensor on my TZ And this solution eliminated the problem on that game, too.

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As this issue has persisted I was getting ready to call Stern for the extension but I have to say, replacing it with a nice Molex connector with trifurcon pins and maybe a little extra slack wire makes a ton of sense. I’m gonna give that a shot.