TPF'22 new Certified format. And reserved spots entry fees are due

If you are on the registered list of TPF 2020 Wizards tourney players, your spot has been held over for 2 years. Payment is now required to lock in your spot. Due 1/11/22.
Please check your email you used to register in 2020. Important email has been sent on how to pay and claim your held spot for 2022, or decline your spot.

TPF is now IFPA Certified!
With the IFPA’s announcement of an additional 20% WPPR value provided to large highest-quality tournaments, we want to ensure that the TPF Wizards tournament continues to offer a fun world-class tournament along with the world-class experience of the TPF Show. The only aspect that will be changing is the qualifying portion of the tournament:

  • Increased # of Games that count toward qualifying:
     New: 12 games
     Old: 8 games

  • Increased minimum # of games from each Era that must be in your 12 qualifying games:
     New: 3
     Old: 2

  • Increased # of Limited Entries (plays) provided to each player:
     New: 25
     Old: 20

  • Increased # of Pins in the Wizards bank of pins:
     New: 15, with 5 in each Era
     Old: 12, with 4 in each Era

  • Classics:
    ** No changes from format announced for TPF 2020 – Limited Entries sold separately via TPF Store.
    ** Note: Classics tourney is IFPA Sanctioned, but NOT IFPA “Certified”

Last: we need volunteers!
As always, neither the TPF Tournaments nor the TPF Show take place without an army of dedicated and wonderful volunteers. Thank you to all of you that have volunteered at past TPF’s!
2022 will be no different, and in fact, due to more games and more plays in the Wizards tourney, we will need even MORE volunteers. WE NEED YOU! Please consider volunteering by signing up to do so via Be a Volunteer – Texas Pinball Festival

See you in a few months at TPF 2022!