TPF Tourney 2020: registration this Saturday at noon (CDT)

Set your calendar for this Saturday!! Texas Pinball Festival 2020 Wizards tournament tickets will go on sale this Saturday, October 5th, at 12pm CDT.

The tickets for this Stern Pro Circuit event sold out quickly last year (32 minutes), and we anticipate they will sell out even quicker for 2020.

• The popular Wizards tournament format will remain the same: limited entry, multi-era, capped at 160 players, with A, B, and Novice division finals. The Women’s finals of Wizards has been removed, and has been permanently replaced by the awesome Texas Takedown Women’s Championship.
• The Wizards tournament entry purchase will include show admission at the early bird rate. For simplicity, you’ll purchase both in one transaction. $80 for the Wizards tourney. And the TPF show pass added onto that at the early bird rate. (Players who are also game exhibitors will be given a refund for the show pass amount) ** Please also note the refund policy has changed. See the TPF tourney web site. **
• If you miss out, the Waitlist markers will go on sale as soon as the tickets are sold out (not at 1pm). Do NOT email TPF, the TD’s, or organizers to get on the waitlist. Using the TPF store for the waitlist is the only way to get on the waitlist.
• The Classics tournament will return, but this time as a Limited Entry event to deal with its increased popularity and reduce the queue times that were experienced last year. $20 for 8 plays. Best 4 count. Sales for Classics will start at 1pm CDT. Limited to 240 players.
• The Texas Takedown Women’s Matchplay Championship returns! Placeholders for this tournament will be available to purchase at 1pm CDT.
• The Kids and Parent/Child tournaments will run on their own machines. Purchase these tickets at the door.
• Similar qualifying and finals schedule as 2019: qualifying all-day Friday and half-day Saturday, Classics finals Saturday morning, Kids finals Saturday afternoon, and Wizards finals Saturday evening.
• Access to one of the best pinball festivals in the world and a 40,000 square feet game room / exhibition hall!
• A full lineup of industry and hobby seminars.

Looking forward to seeing many of you March 27-29, 2020, at TPF 2020!


Reminder / Bump: Tickets go on sale TOMORROW, Saturday at 12pm noon CDT.
Also: fixed an error re: waitlist… the Wizards waitlist markers will go on sale as soon as the tickets are sold out – not at a fixed time of 1pm.

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So, to clarify, @Snailman, you get to play at most 8 games if you register for Classics? Or can you “pump and dump”, buying additional tickets (at $20 for 8 games) to play more?

pinball player DDOS attack! :smiley:


It’s working now

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Looking at the rules, limited entry as well for Classics:

…The tournament will follow a limited entry, best-game format across a total of 8 pins (best 4 count)….


I’m in! Just 39 tickets left after 8 minutes.

all gone…

I’m in!

WTF, had ticket paid for, it said, confirm with merchant to finalize, wouldn’t let me do so, now says my cart is empty.

Whole process was one big clusterfk, got multiple errors getting in, multiple bounces back to previous pages that I’d already filled out, first two times it refused to open a window to let me enter payment details.

So Colin or whomever, it took my info but it looks like it refused to give me a ticket, right? No sign of anything on my card. Do I need to sign up for the waitlist at 1 or not? Already had my schedule for today screwed by this.
Players and waitlist is up.

Bob, you’re on the waitlist. And I apologize for the problems you encountered. Obviously it didn’t work well for you.