TPF 2023 update: Ticket sale times for 10/15/22

Mark your calendars… TPF23 Tourney ticket sales heads up: they will now go on sale on 10/15/22. Time is still TBD. TPF Store - Texas Pinball Festival
Dates: March 24-26, 2023

Wizards is an IFPA Certified PLUS tourney. Expected TGP = 204%

Same formats as '22.
Wizards Cost = $100. Capped at 160 players.
Classics cost = $25. Capped at 240 players. Estimated TGP = 104%
Texas Takedown Women’s Championship = $15. Capped at 64 players. Estimated TGP = 88%
Costs do not include required weekend TPF Show Pass, early bird price = $65



Here is the 2023 TPF Preregistration opening schedule for Saturday, October 15th, 2022 at TPF Store - Texas Pinball Festival

  • TPF Wizards Tournament tickets will be available at 10:00am (CDT)

  • TPF Women’s Tournament tickets will be available at 10:30am (CDT)

  • TPF Classics Tournament tickets will be available at 11:00am (CDT)

  • TPF Preregistration for discounted weekend Show passes, exhibitor sign up, and TPF merchandise will also be available at 11:00am (CDT)


  • A Wizards Tournament ticket INCLUDES a TPF2023 weekend pass.

  • You may only buy one tournament entry at a time. You cannot buy multiple tickets in a single transaction.

  • Women’s and Classics Tournament tickets do not include a TPF2023 weekend pass. All tournament players are required to have a TPF2023 weekend pass (or day pass for each day playing).

  • If you buy a Wizard’s Tournament ticket and also have a weekend pass by another means (ie: you are an exhibitor or vendor or you are Steve Ritchie), bring a friend so they can watch you dominate!


  1. Select the tourney ticket desired from the TPF Store.

  2. Required fields on the first page for buying a tourney ticket:

First Name

Last Name

State (drop-down list)

Country (drop-down list)

Contact phone number

IFPA Player # (use 00000 if the player doesn’t have one)

** Manually update the Quantity to “1” – even if it shows “1” by default **

  1. Click Add to Bag

  2. Shopping Cart Page:

  • Copy/paste your TPF Credit Coupon code you received via email (if applicable, from TPF’22 volunteer hours. It’s a one-time use, only eligible for a TPF’23 tourney ticket purchase – it’s not redeemable for other TPF purchases)

  • Enter your email address

  • Click on the “I agree with Terms and Conditions”

  • Click “Checkout”

  1. Make Payment:
  • Select PayPal or Credit Card options

  • Enter the usual information

  • Click the final button to complete your order.


** Once you place your tournament entry in your shopping cart, IMMEDIATELY check out and finish your Payment. A tournament entry in your shopping cart is not confirmed until you successfully make the payment. We highly recommend not trying to add other items to your shopping cart if you are purchasing a Wizards or Women’s tournament ticket. **

  • For best performance, the preferred browser for our store is Chrome.

  • And don’t forget to manually update the quantity field to 1 before clicking “Add to Bag.” Yes, it may already default to 1, but you must update it anyway. It’s a bug… we can’t be sure they’ll fix it in time… so we’re telling you (everybody) now. Do NOT complain that you weren’t told about this issue that affects everyone equally.

Take a minute and review the TPF Tournament Pages: Tournaments - Texas Pinball Festival

That’s all for now! We will send out our official opening email on October 15th with our first special guest and other exciting announcements.


I forgot to include…
The waitlist for both the Wizards and Women’s tourneys will open at 11am CDT.

In! Got an “Error 500: interval server error” when i first refreshed at 10. Refreshed again and the page loaded and completed checkout no problem.


said 100 remaining entered in all my cc info and then nope denied… Oh well saved me some $$$… Good luck to those that made it in. :slight_smile: Have no incentive to go on waiting list as the classics and waiting list are at the same time. If I go I want to play in both.

I’d still purchase Classics with Wizards Waitlist. Classics is pretty cheap entry.

okay you convinced me, got a chance #7 on waitlist hope to see you there my friend :slight_smile:

I’m number 16 on the waitlist and also purchased my Classics ticket on the advice of Colin (LOL). Historically how far down has the waitlist gone in the past?

2022 was a bit of an anomaly… because COVID and missing two whole years.
In '22, the last player on the waitlist that got into Wizards was 56th on the list.


I’m in. Looking forward to it!

Regarding the waitlist, I was pretty far down in 2019 and they eventually did get to me, but I was unable to attend by that point. Pretty sure it was at least 50th if not further.