TPF 2022 update: Streaming info posted!

Holiday greetings pinball family!

Well… We were hoping the world would have started opening up by now and be on track for a full recovery by the end of 2020. That has not happened yet… so we wait.

We were planning to get things rolling for 2021 by the end of October, but have decided to just open everything up (new guest & exhibitor registration, merchandise sales, etc.) when we are confident #TPF2021 is in the clear.

Currently there are still too many restrictions and unknowns. We are holding out for a Christmas miracle. As we said before, a pinball show is easily one of the most personal, get in close, game touching, hand shaking, friends hugging, party having, picture posing, and germ swapping events there is. There is no way a show the size of TPF can logistically happen if we have to socially distance, wear masks, sanitize, etc. Most importantly, we want and need EVERYONE at TPF.

On Thursday, November 12, 2020, we had a productive meeting with representatives from the Embassy Suites Hotel and Frisco Convention Center and the City of Frisco’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. They are behind TPF and willing to assist however they can. They paid us a great complement, saying that TPF is Frisco’s largest weekend event of the year, and they are really looking forward to TPF2021. That said, we all agreed that everyone’s health and safety is the number 1 priority.

January 5, 2021 is our “line in the sand”. If by January 5th, things are rapidly clearing up, people are feeling good about traveling, and EVERYONE is ready for TPF2021, that will give us (and you) a little over 2-1/2 months to plan, promote, and get ready for the greatest pinball show on earth!

If things have not cleared up by January 5th, we will likely have to again roll the show to 2022… which would again break our hearts. We don’t know what else we could do. There are too many variables, considerations, and other shows to move TPF to a later date.

Again, we know many of you would show up no matter what, and we love you for that. But we really need 100% participation, and we want to see ALL of your smiling faces!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

Your TPF Team


Just saw the posting that this has been cancelled. See you in 2022?

Correct on both

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I see the email for the hotel block came out this morning, this is looking promising. I assume the tournament tickets will be on sale later?

Yes, it is promising. It is full steam ahead for TPF 2022!
Tourney tickets will go on sale online likely early October 2021.

Some initial details:
Wizards Tourney (main tourney):

  • All registered 2020 players had their tournament $$ refunded. Those players registered for the 2020 limited entry Wizards tourney that elected to let their TPF festival ticket carry from 2020 to the next TPF – which is now going to be TPF 2022 – retain their right-of-first-refusal on their spot in the 2022 tourney. We will be emailing all of these players in the coming weeks to reconfirm their interest in 2022 tourney by paying for their '22 Wizards tournament ticket, locking in their spot in this 160-player main event.
  • Previously registered players will be given 10 days after contact to make this payment, otherwise it is assumed they are not interested/able to attend 2022. These spots will be made available to others.
  • If you didn’t already have a spot in the 2020 Wizards tourney (including those players that were on the wait list at the time when TPF 2020 was canceled), whatever few spots come available will be sold in a maddening F5-mashing scrum via the TPF online store at a date/time TBD. Likely early October.
  • For emphasis: the TPF 2020 wait list is meaningless. If you were on the wait list then, you need to attempt to purchase a Wizards ticket along with everyone else at the prescribed time.

Classics Tourney:

  • This will follow the same now-limited entry format as announced for 2020. All Classics $$ was refunded in 2020. There were no spots held. and all of them will be available for purchase that the same time/date TBD for Wizards.

Embassy, Drury and Hyatt already show no availability for the show dates. Hilton Garden Inn showed only Queens open at $149. The email links don’t work in all browsers, btw.

TPF 2020 Wizards tourney players: please check your email you used to register in 2020. Important email has been sent on how to pay and claim your held spot for 2022, or decline your spot.

Payment required by 1/11/22.

See you in March!

TPF 2022 Pin List! (subject to change)

Event Era Title
Wizards EM Aztec
Wizards EM Buccaneer
Wizards EM Fast Draw
Wizards EM Space Mission
Wizards EM Spanish Eyes
Wizards Modern CFTBL
Wizards Modern Dialed In
Wizards Modern Rush Prem
Wizards Modern Stranger Things Prem
Wizards Modern Twilight Zone
Wizards SS Beatles
Wizards SS Bounty Hunter
Wizards SS Flash Gordon
Wizards SS TNA
Wizards SS Whirlwind
Classics EM Grand Tour
Classics EM Moulin Rouge
Classics SS Ali
Classics SS Andromeda
Classics SS Frontier
Classics SS Solar Ride
Classics SS Rolling Stones (Bally)
Classics SS Xenon
Kids Modern Mandolorian Pro
Back up EM 300
Back up EM Mars Trek
Back up Modern GOT Pro
Back up SS Sinbad
Back up SS Viking

Thanks! Will a list for Women’s also be released at some point?

The Women’s Texas Takedown uses all those same pins.

haha SS? :smiley:

TNA too!

They’ll be installing the Seawitch software into the Beatles machine.

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Yup. Plays like a late SS. We’ve used TNA as a SS in the past, too.

Depending on how Haggis’ Fathom 2.0 plays, I might consider using that at future TPF in the SS category, too, even though its a “modern” based on its release date.

Get excited! TPF is NEXT WEEK!

PLEASE VOLUNTEER to help as a scorekeeper, a technician, or to help at the Tourney Registration table. Hurry! Some of the volunteer incentives are limited in quantity.

  • In the SignUpGenius, you MUST use the same email that you used to register and purchase your TPF tourney entry and Show Pass.

  • We’re only a little more than a week away, and we still have a TON of open volunteer spots.

  • The TPF tourneys aren’t possible each year without the army of incredible volunteers within the TPF and tournament community. Seriously: y’all are awesome, and needed!

  • Earn $$ credit toward next year’s TPF tourneys or cool TPF swag.

  • To help incentivize more volunteering, we’re offering a special new incentive to those that are among the first at volunteering for 4 hours or more: the ability to pre-register for TPF 2023 tournaments! (see details below)

Updated Tournament Volunteer Compensation Options:

(1) take the standard TPF Show volunteer compensation schedule, (Be a Volunteer – Texas Pinball Festival)


(2a) First 2-hour shift: $20 credit they can use for NEXT YEAR’s TPF Wizard or Classic entry*


(2b) Second 2-hour shift: either additional $20 credit, OR earn a “Skip the F5 Line” pre-registration option for your choice of NEXT YEAR’s TPF Wizard tournament or Classics tournament**


(2c) Third (or more) 2-hour shifts: additional $20 credit per shift.

  • subject to next year’s TPF tournaments taking place (thanks, COVID, for making us put this fine print in here). No guarantee. Not redeemable for cash. Non-transferrable.

** Subject to IFPA’s cap on reserved pre-registration spots: up to 12 Wizards spots, and up to 24 Classics spots.

Again: Please volunteer!

  • Don’t forget to use the same email that you used to register and purchase your TPF Show Pass.

TPF tourney players:
Please consider volunteering for Scorekeeping for the following time slots, which currently have ZERO scorekeepers signed up:
Friday 6-8pm
Friday 10pm-12am
Saturday 12am-1am (for this one-hour late block, we give credit for two hours of service)
Saturday 3-4pm

Thank you to all that have already signed up as volunteers!!

See you next week!


Thank you, everyone, who has volunteered.

If you haven’t found a slot to volunteer yet, might I suggest one of the Friday late-night time slots as a Scorekeeper. :slight_smile:

Friday 10pm-12am, or,
Saturday 12am-1am.
** We’ll give DOUBLE tourney volunteer credit for the 12-1am slot!

Stream Schedule:
Saturday (Mar 25): 9AM Classics Finals
Saturday (Mar 25): 5PM Wizards Finals
Sunday (Mar 26): 12PM Women’s Finals

We will be streaming on Be sure to subscribe so you get notified when we go live!


Forgive my ignorance. Are those times ‘Central Daylight’ GMT-5?

My apologies. Typical Texan move forgetting that we aren’t the only time zone in the world. Those are central time.

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