Tournament TGP question

I’m likely gong to run a turny at my place. Open to all, posted publicly but only 24 player capacity.

4 strike knockout turny, 4 player groups, best of one game, 2 strikes per 4 player match,

According to the TGP calculator this is worth 100% TGP. Is that correct?

And if that is the case then I would not need to have a separate playoff for the top 4 players to max out TPG correct?

That is correct, no playoffs needed. Plus, even if you had a few no-shows, you’d still be at 96% tgp.

This is guaranteed to be 13 rounds? What if one person gets zero strikes?

They win :slight_smile: But tgp is not 100% then?

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TGP needs to be 26 meaningful games at least for 100% I believe. With the 2x bonus you get for 4 player groups, your tournament will need to be 13 rounds to get to 100%

TGP is not calculated based on actual rounds played, it’s based on the most likely number of rounds played. Therefore, you use the TGP number that is provided based on your format. At 24 players you are at 26 games (100%) no matter if you play 10, 11 or 15 rounds.

At 15-23 players you will be at 24 games (96%) no matter if you play 10, 11 or 15 rounds.

Actual games played only counts if you have a qualifying component, at which point the TGP guide only affects the finals component. But that is another scenario.

Here is that other scenario, which is what I do at some of my tournaments.

4 strike qualifying with 2 player groups until 8 or fewer players remain. Then we have a PAPA style finals, 4 player groups playing 4 games, 4/2/1/0 scoring.

The qualifying portion is 1X the number of actual qualifying rounds played.

The finals is 2X bonus of the # of games since it is 4 player groups, so it’s 8 games for 16 meaningful games. Added to the actual number of rounds gets me to either 96 or 100% usually with 50+ players.

Caveat, if I only have 6 finalists (now 3 player groups in first round of finals), then the bonus is only 1.5X for 4 games equaling 6 meaningful games, so it becomes 14 meaningful games (6 for semi-final round, 8 for final round) overall.

OK great thanks. I was wondering… as the calculator did not have a spot for projected number of rounds. I was also going to ask about tie breakers how they add to the TGP but I guess they would not matter in my scenario or maybe at all ever?

Ahh. Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t realize for strikes it’s the number of people not meaningful games played. Makes sense.

4 strikes with 4 players group could last a long while :slight_smile: It will depend on your players and long play machine/setup but it is likely to be 6+ hours on modern games

16-20 players usually takes us under 4. We do 2 strikes for 3 player groups too.

for a 4-strike tourney? that is time efficient, we have a lot of 3 strike knockout lasting 4+ hours with 2 players group… 4 players with swiss when top 4 players end up on the same machine is usually pretty impactful for your tourney duration.

Yeah but our average ifpa rank of the players is usually in 5-7k range and were probably closer to 15 each go around.

I’m sure our round times are closer to 20 mins than 30. We played 12 rounds last time we did it on 9/28. Arcade legacy bar free Friday tournaments if you want to check them out on matchplay.

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Use the TGP calculator!


Me did :slight_smile:

This TGP guide on the IFPA page is very helpful, I refer to it often: