Tournament specific issues with older games + possible fixes

Resurrecting a topic started long ago on RGP, what early SS games (williams/bally/stern) need tournament leveling fixes? I.e. Kiss’s top lane not being consistent player to player, night rider leaves the saucer value at whatever the last player had lit, Black Knight has mystery scoring and extra lock scoring (called out in the manual, even! calling it “normal behavior”).

The era I am talking about is the early solid state era only - from 1976 to about 1984 or so. Not promising that all things can be fixed but a lot of them can relatively easily. The goal is to make a level playing field for all players, not to add things and features that were not intended (although firepower with 2x/3x scoring during multiball is pretty sweet… as is barracora with the intended 2x/3x scoring…)