Tournament Setup: GoT Pro and ST Pro


Haha. Guess this is the wrong forum for suggesting wonky custom settings!

If you do this, just make sure to keep it fair by making sure these changes are known.

For example, when I had ball locks set on “extra hard”, I made sure to put a note on the backglass. Still got guff…


Making things harder is fine if you post a note explaining the setting. Making “crazy custom settings” specifically to piss off part of the player base isn’t a good way to run an event.


Sorry didn’t mean it to sound like that. I know full well how frustrating it is if the tournament people do not post changes to defaults. I’ve been burned by it multiple times.

If I move a leg leveler in a way that isn’t completely standard, you’ll be damn sure it is clearly communicated on the machine and to the players well in advance.


The way I have this set up is that I want to have the setups of these game decided and made now and any or all kinks worked out so that about 2-3 weeks before the event I will email blast all participants with the final games list and specific adjustments or changes made to each game and also a detailed description of all the days happenings.

Then a 10-15 minute powwow before the event and signs on each game. If I still get gruff, oh well. Just trying to take all my experiences I’ve had so far in tournaments and use that help help run something fun and appealing to everyone.


Sounds like you’ll do well with it, and giving players the info up front is always nice. Don’t sweat the complaining though because EVERY tournament will have player complaints no matter how perfect everything is.


We set that to one lol per game. No ball save. Difficult setting for BW multiball and wide open outlanes. Shots you need to go for really are to safe in that game. Never seen a half ramp shot come back to a drain.


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Also I like the idea of having to earn Rescue rather than starting with it lit.


On GoT, make sure that any solid flipper shot the left loop doesn’t land in the toplanes. The default setting on the Pro is to divert left loop shots around to prevent the grinder strategy of Wall MB + modes.


So I can go into settings and have left orbits always pass through? Default feeds the pops unless I’m certain modes.


I thought the orbits were supposed to feed the pops, unless the combo arrows are lit.


Ball save off, tight tilt, and remove outlane posts or at the very least the rubbers. Boom, all of your problems solved. Ball save off will end flailers’ balls very quickly.


I know a bunch of people said Ball Save off, but that only serves to screw people and not even given them a chance. I don’t think that’s a good choice, especially with a mix of newbies and good players, as it’s the newbies who will suffer the most. It does very little to shorten the games of the good players, unless they get screwed too on one ball.

Rather, the default ball save times on multiball on Stern games is usually larger than necessary. The way to reduce the very long games is to reduce any multiball ball save as much as possible, and turning it off if possible. Setting difficulty level of the first multiball to a bit harder also shortens games, but often that’s not necessary if the ball save is reduced and outlanes are made more difficult.


Agreed on the no ball save. Another thought I had was changing them both to no tilt warnings. Loosen up the bobs a bit and do no warnings. With those newer sterns even if they are tight, a hard move will not go through all the warnings.

Or do people think this will result in tilt throughs?


On newer games there tends to be a failsafe to prevent tilt throughs if it reads the ball in the shooter lane. I wouldn’t recommend no warnings, though. Tighter tilts, always! If you feel like maybe there’s still too much room, adjust where the ring is instead of the plumbob.

It’s hard to find the tilt if you have no chances. On EMs that’s a risk you take (Tilt ends game on some!) but on mid 80s forward, one good save per ball seems right. If I can make one good slap save and get 2 dangers, I feel like the tilt is right where it ought to be.


Okay cool. Thanks for the input. I got lots of stuff to try out so I’ll get to getting these all set up in the next couple weeks and see what seems to work best.


Ultimately, i don’t this will save time. I think it will add 2 min wait between every ball as people wait for the bob to settle. No one will want to risk starting in a swinging state.


Reminder. Majority newbs here. They would immediately step up and play. but good point as it could lead to the next player tilting from minimal nudging and that’s no good.


Turning off warnings is the lamest thing ever. I hate it because it basically removes a part of the game, which is testing where the tilt is by getting a warning. Just make it fairly tight instead.


The argument I would make for this for Got is that there is a guaranteed safe trap on each plunge. Then pretty much anything that isn’t I big move you would get away with.


Is the trap safe? That’s on a per-game basis, usually the left is safe but the right is questionable.