Tournament settings for Stargate

Not too familiar with Gottlieb system 3. Other than moving the switch over to turny what else should I do? I will be hosting league tomorrow. Thanks, Mike

Turning the switch will make the tournament menu pop up…select accordingly.

Good tournament game. :slight_smile:

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Cool thanks!

Unscrew the coin door interlock switch and place it in the bottom of the cabinet. Pull the switch into the out position.

System 3 games kill the power to the whole game when door is opened. You then have to pull the switch out to reboot it. Super annoying fir a stuck ball. You will end the entire game otherwise.


Pretty sure it’s the off switch.

I keeed.

Thanks Jim. I did that very thing. I also turned extra Ball to points but it turned out to be worth a hundred million which seems pretty significant for that game but I don’t know that anybody actually got the extra ball during League. Top score for the night was around four hundred million.

It seems like a lot but on the other hand it seems pretty in line points wise with what an average ball will get you. Most extra ball awards seem low to me…

Yeah, that’s probably not a good option for Stargate. I think it was @FunWithBonus telling me about a situation at Pinburgh where a player got a “pity” lit Extra Ball on ball 3 (for playing poorly on balls 1-2), and ended up finishing 1st or 2nd due to the unbalanced EB value they qualified by playing poorly.

I’ve never had access to a Stargate to play with settings. @pinbwzrd would be a good resource on what he used in the past at INDISC and elsewhere.

Thanks for the replies! I am likely going to set EB back to EB and if in league you get an EB you just get one flip at it.

This was totally my plan going into Stargate if I ended up in a bank with it. Andrei won our group on it three years ago with that after we all just sucked. He was player four and we were all “What the hell happened?” He had no idea, just worked out that way. Never forgot after that.

If you want to really see unbalanced on Stargate, try playing on a machine with less-than-optimal VUKs and then start Battle. :slight_smile:

I had a Stargate in my place for a while and I don’t remember getting a pity extra ball. It’s possible it’s a software setting. Wish I could double check, but I no longer have it.

Actually just a couple nights ago I refurbished the back left VUK. Cleaned it and gave it a new spring and sleeve. If you get 2 balls in there at the same time it would usually not kick them out. I think it has plenty power but may need more of a tweak to the alignment.

SG has a weird behavior in tourney mode. it has a bug that will award billions at times. This only happens in tourney mode. We’ve had this issue a few years ago in CPM.

Wow that is quite the bug!

Can you elabotate on this bug? Happened once, happened often, etc?

It’s been several years, I don’t recall the specifics but I think it happened at least twice that night early on, so the game was swapped out.