Tournament Ruling Question-Mulitball Starts With Glass Off

Was running the last week of our league last night and wanted to figure out the proper ruling for this.

We had an issue with Funhouse not registering multiball start in the mouth. One of the players put it in his mouth once with multiball lit, it then spit it back out without starting multiball. He put it in again, it ball searched a couple times and nothing happened (kept the ball in Rudy’s mouth this time). I opened the game and it then decided to register that mulitball has started. Luckily, I caught all 3 balls.

Where do the balls get placed from here?

As TD you decide where the balls are placed. My choice would be 2 on the left flipper and 1 on the right, because this is where the balls came from (2 from the lock on the left side, 1 from Rudy on the right side).

I would not put any balls in the shooter lane, unless the interlock prevents the flippers from working. In that case, 2 on the left plunger, 1 on the right :wink:


Was there no issue with Rudys mouth? 2 shots in. Both not registering correctly. I see a possibility of jackpots not registering. If the game played fine what Bowen said:)

It did have issues sometimes with one other player (me). All other players it seemed to work. At that point it was late in the league night and was just trying to make it through since it was our final night.

Thanks Bowen! I appreciate it. I can usually figure out the rules in the moment, but this one really stumped me. Will know for next time.