Tournament Formats - Do WPPR’s vary?

New to bring a TD and still trying to get a handle on TGP and WPPR’s.

My question is this, if you are guaranteed 40 players, ranging from first timers to a few players ranked inside the top 200, does format matter?

If one format was group match play and guaranteed 7 rounds of qualifying, with top 8 going to “A” division PAPA finals which will max at TGP at 26 games and one format was 4-strike Knockout with top 8 going to PAPA finals, would the points be identical or no?

The same group of players create the same WPPR pot regardless of format. That’s the “Base Value + TVA” part of our formula.

The FORMAT then dictates how much of that WPPR pot the event gets to keep. That’s the “TGP” calculation.

A 4-strike knockout down to 8 players isn’t an approved format on our TGP guide, so you would have to track the number of rounds it takes to get you there. Your top 8 PAPA style final would be (+12 games towards TGP). I imagine your 4-strike process with 40 players would be more than 7 rounds to get you down to 8 players. As long as it was, that would add +14 games to TGP pushing you over the 100% mark.

In that case both formats would grade out to maximum, and the WPPR points awarded would be identical between those two cases.


Common format for strikeouts now is either 4 strike group-play knockout (4 player matches) until final player standing (at 24+ players that will get you to 100% TGP) or 4 strike head-to-head knockout (2 player matches) until final 8 players remaining, then a PAPA style playoff. Using the latter format, the # of knockout rounds equal 1 meaningful game each, and the finals is either worth 12 or 16 meaningful games, depending on if the finals use 3 game matches, or 4 game matches in each round, respectively. To get Pinholics Anonymous tournaments to 100% we use the latter format with 4 game matches, but primarily because I just can’t handle 4 player matches in my house otherwise I’d skip the finals component.

The 4 player matches with a finals isn’t really necessary to get to 100% unless you have a small field of players, so I haven’t seen that format very often. That format may drag on with 4 player matches taking longer than two 2 player matches, and then the finals can take 2-3 hours as well.