Tournament Finals Upset Stories?

I was recently on the positive end of one of those “everything has to line up” situations and it made me curious to hear other peoples horror/success stories.

For me it was this weekend at the NW Oh Pin. Final 4 with Maka, Greg Dunlap and Andy Cobb.

Game 1 drac - Maka crushes Drac and puts up around 700. I have 2 of 3 of the triple stack going, but cannot hit the right center standups to light 3rd castle lock to save my life. Quad drain, but mist is ready with one more ramp to light 3rd castle lock. Start mist . . . nail it and get the classic “mist exchange” - end of that story. still managed at 2.

Game 2 -Xenon- again trailing maka and am down by about 100k , but have the ramp at 25k so it’s a few shots away. BOOM - I get a classic stern style ball hop over the lane guide. At this point I’m resigned to the fact that the pinball gods hate me, and this wasn’t my year. Maka has 8 and i have 4. I think I even congratulated him at this point, not realizing a tie was possible (if not a pretty long shot)

Game 3 - Scuba - the stars align and we tied at 8, and I got him on the tie breaker.

How often do you get a tie breaker when someone has an 8 after game 2?

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Well sh*t, you were there for my “lining up” story dude. At IFPA with, myself, you, Zahler, and Lil’ Ray Ray. First game of the round was on Out of Sight, I think can’t remember, but I tilted on ball two or three and my game was done and I got a zero right off the bat. I thought my tournament was done and was about ready to give up and go finish off the kegs upstairs, but lo and behold Rudy had eyes for me that day and Funhouse saved my tourney life with the epic comeback. I ended up winning that match and the next one on Star Trek to qualify into the top 32 and even with a bye getting into the top 16. Great day.

Congrats on the win dude. That is epic indeed. Maka probably couldn’t believe it.

I was on the Maka end of that against Keith Elwin at NW Champs several years ago, although in my case I went last - first - first, only to tie against Keith’s first - second - second, and then lose in the tie breaker.

Good news is, I now know how to tap pass :slight_smile:

Zen: That Funhouse game was amazing!

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I love tapping under pressure :wink:

I thought I was done for sure. You crushed Funhouse as player 1 with like 19 million or something ridiculous and I was last player ball 3 with less than 2 million. I thought I had no chance at all. Funny how things workout like that.