Top Rope Pinball Stream (Jurassic Park. King of the Island w/Goat Mania Stack!)

I do not have a belt yet but I keep the look out for one on the cheap. I spent about $200 on props and the belts are usually $100-150. It’s on my list for sure.

How much is the Chris Jericho light up jacket? I am not sure what his current entrance is.

Come on tomorrow for some World Poker Tour!!!

Episode 47. World Poker Tour Wizard Mode Challenge. Rik Flair Intro

Episode 48. Iron Maiden Bug. Made it a few times but didnt maximize…Trying again tomorrow. Come see. Eddie Guerrero Intro

“My goal … is not to be worried about points.”

Uhhhh… I have some bad news for you…

EDITED TO ADD: You are running VERY old code on that WPT, pre-1.09 for sure since 1.09 includes these fixes exhibited in your stream:

  • Fixed unending Poker Wizard mode.
  • Fixed bad interactions of Poker Wizard and other stuff.
  • Vastly improved Poker Wizard choreography.
  • Fixed resetting of modes after Poker Wizard.

Ha. I realized that after Colin MacAlpine told me I better look up the rules… Fail… I thought I had checked on the Stern Code Page to make sure the code is updated and it was. I will make sure I get it updated, understand the rules better, and give it another shot. After talking to Raymond Davidson, I dont believe he ever made it to the Keefer Invitational when he owned his WPT. Thanks for coding such a deep game. I sold my Tron and picked the WPT up on a great deal for more of a challenge.
Question: Can you see your status for all the things below (pulled off Tilt Forum) on the information page? Also, is the below information correct?

Cheers Sir!!!

Keefer Invitational:

The final wizard mode. This has a lot of requirements that are mostly listed in the status report.

To qualify, you must win the WPT World Championship and score 25 million in each of the following:

  • Ace in the Hole Multiball
  • No Limit Multiball
  • Pot (completed hold 'em hands)
  • Targets (drop targets, hands, and Poker Hands Multiball)
  • Hurry-ups
  • Poker Corner (modes and Poker Wizard)

Yes, you’ll probably need to get some AITH supers for this one (3rd+ ball locks in a single multiball).

9x jackpots are your friend here.

All-In multiball definitely counts for this, and I’m pretty sure SidePot! does too (hence Pot total and not Main Pot total).

Yes all of those contribute to this category.

Just don’t ignore them and you’ll do fine with this one. It is WAY WAY easier to do this from the start than try to catch up later in the game.

Not much to add here other than more trophies = bigger wizard jackpots and any mode played that ALREADY has a trophy (i.e. second+ time through) scores double. Trophies don’t go away but you can’t get >1 either.

Yes, WPT has one of the best ones of the DMD era IMO.


This is a link to tomorrows stream information.

Episode 50-Avengers LE with @Snailman at Cidercade Austin.
Halloween Undertaker Intro
Macho Man intro and game play

This one is tough to watch. Check out my twitch page for some great “funny” highlights and clips of the night. Follow me please and help me build a place to come laugh and enjoy for all of us.

Here you go clipped out for your viewing pleasure. Yes, I did death saves… 2.8 Billion with a 633 million trooper MB (141 and 303 jackpot collects).

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Wow!!! What a stream…not gonna happen like that again if I can help it. I made 22 clips, 8 highlights, and tagged the main stream with all the 19 wrestler intros!!! So, you don’t have to watch the 6.5 hour stream to get the back parts. Below are links to the clips (1 minute or less), the highlights (3-5 minutes), and the main stream (look at the description for the wrestler intros start time). By the way, I feel down 9 times in the last 2 hours. DO NOT DO THIS. I was fine until I decided to go get more booze which is when I should have and will be ending future drinking streams. Martin Robbins, you can’t hang bro!!! (full stream with note on intro time starts) (Highlight videos less than 5 minutes) (clips under 1 minutes. After 7 days, you will have to expand the range to find them)

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This was crazy cool. I qualified Goat Mania at the exact same time as King of the Island Multiball. The combination is rare. You need to complete the last letter in the topper at the same time as capturing Spinosaurus which unless planned is not going to happen very often.

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Wooooo!!! Go pick something up for future tournaments.