TNA weird left flipper behavior

The first time I played a TNA, my timing on the left flipper was all over the place, and most of my left flipper shots were much too weak to make it all the way up the right orbit. I originally chalked it up to a defective coil or whatever, but last week I played on a friend’s TNA (a different machine) and had the same exact problem. He didn’t, and it turned out I’m holding the flipper buttons for a much shorter amount of time than he does.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? It’s impossible for me to hit anything with the left flipper on a TNA (at this point I have to assume on any TNA) unless I make a conscious effort to hold in the button for much longer than I normally would. It even happened two times when I forgot to hold it that the upper left flipper moved while the lower one didn’t. This doesn’t make any sense to me at all, since staging works the other way round.

Does anyone have any idea why this could be? I haven’t encountered this sort of flipper behavior on any other modern machine.

My first guess is that the eos switch is not making solid contact at all times. If not making contact, the flip will be very weak.

Every TNA I’ve played the flippers have felt a bit weaker than usual but never so weak that you can’t hit the shots.

Staging can allow for either upper or lower flippers to fire first, depending on how the mechs are arranged…

I’ve been told there is no EOS on TNA, don’t know exactly how it works, though.

I should clarify that on both the machines I’ve played the right flipper behaved as expected.

After I noticed the upper flipper moving while the lower one didn’t, I tried staging deliberately, which resulted in the lower flipper moving first.

Interesting. Maybe @GaryTheNoTrashCougar can help?

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Hey guys/gals,
That is most likely just a flipper leaf switch adjustment issue. the one on the left is double stacked to allow for flipper staging in the reactor core, but if not adjusted properly, it could feel weird. Also, the right orbit is a tough shot as I made it slightly tighter than the left orbit.


But all my highscores got blown up anyhow, as did reactor 6 :wink:
Going to check the leafswitches before your next visit.
This game is just pure fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks, looking forward to seeing what adjusting the leaf switches can do.

As an aside, I was just watching the Texas Pinball Festival, and the commentators mentioned multiple times that players were saying the left flipper felt soft, and that a lot of people had trouble hitting things with the left flipper, the shots being mostly late. This looked a lot like what I was noticing on those other two machines when I didn’t make a conscious effort to push the button long and hard.