Timeshock -- Real Machine

Still in the prototype phase, but coming along very nicely. Silver Castle Pinball released a new update yesterday, revealing the new playfield artwork (subject to change)

I really like that starry background. This and many other details breathe new life to the game to me.

What do you guys think?

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Looks awesome. I love the diamond design for the shot arrows. It seems to sit right in between the modern era and 90’s Bally/Williams style. Clean, but with detail where it counts.

Excited about the game! Read the rule sheet and it’s right up my alley, what with being deep and complex. Happy the project’s still moving forward and eager to see what’s yet to come…

This is awesome!

3 things trigger me:

  • why do they have custom inserts for the continents??? I mean why not put any old shape insert and use the silkscreen to make a fancy shape?

  • Why is the green front of the time machine NOT an insert!?

Would have to be a big insert to cover the shapes, and the silkscreen isn’t opaque enough to not light up the big rectangle, wouldn’t look nearly as nice.

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