Tilt issue: not sensitive enough

I am trying to get my Pinball Pool, with a Pascal board running good enough for league. The issue I am having is the tilt, it just takes a really long time to tilt. It is strange, if I attach an alligator clip to the ring and touch the bob, it registers immediately. If I attach it to the bob and touch the ring, immediate. But touching the ring to the bob takes like 1/2 second of contact to register. I am going to do some more tests, but thought I would try here.

I am not sure if it is a physical shape thing (contact surface too small), or a materials thing (the ring and bob to conduct well with each other). I have cleaned both surfaces, they should be ok. I have never experienced this before, any more experienced owners want to point me in a direction as what to try?

You might try scuffing them up with a scotchbrite and some alcohol. I’ve done this to a couple of EM tilt rings with varying success.

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definitely, usually use a small file to file the tilt bob plum, ring, hook and hook support, it gets tarnished/dirty over time and affect it. VERY common on Stern like RBION, LOTR… :slight_smile:

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Sandpaper is likely best for the bob as it’s not plated and a smoother surface will make better contact. It’s been a while, but I’m guessing 220 grit would be about right.

If the ring is plated, sandpaper is out. Alcohol, as mentioned above, is probably best. If it’s not plated, 400 grit sandpaper should help.

Gottlieb games this era do not have the hook mount. But a simple pinch of the rod resting on a hole in the roll ball tilt bracket. I will assume high chance of unreliable conductivity.

Solder a thin/soft wire from the rod to the solder joint of connection upstream.

Apply a fresh 47nF capasitor in parallel to the plumb tilt “switch”. The ring and the rod, electronically, so to speak, where applicable.

This is how Bally’s work. I am sure it will be a decent treat for Gottlieb’s too.

I have this same issue with LOTR. I’m hosting a tourney in a few weeks and I cannot get the tilt sensitive enough. In switch test it registers every single time I move the bob into contact with the ring. But in game play you can hear the bob hitting the ring numerous times before getting a danger. Seems software related? Anymore suggestions? I have sanded the ring and bob and cleaned with alcohol.

Turn the warnings off. :smirk:

I recall there being two different tilt sensitivities with the pascal board, not sure if you’ve already ruled that out?