Tilt bob cam on pinball broadcasts?

Has anyone attempted a tilt bob cam as part of a pinball broadcast? If so, how did it work out? Practical issues aside, I think this would be a pretty cool camera angle to add to the mix.

Plenty of folks broadcasting out there have used or currently use one.
This is not something you’ll see in a Major tournament anytime soon. I believe it was used once, and the players were watching the camera for the bob to stop almost completely, thus stretching out games long past their regular play time.


Pinball_Live regularly (Wednesday 8pm GMT) streams on twitch with a bob cam

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WPT style… players don’t see the card cam :smiley:

This. Exactly this. I had them at CAX and INDISC years ago and had this problem. Plus setup is a PITA!

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Yeah this was at California Extreme a couple of years ago. @kdeangelo brought his rig and we were streaming the finals, as well as projecting them on the wall above the players. At some point one of the players realized they could look up on the wall and wait for the bob to settle, and from that point on every player did just that. After that game we turned the tilt cam off.

I think if we had a way to broadcast without the players seeing the screen it would work better, but really I think the answer is every tilt bob in competition gets the ear plug treatment.


You can switch off of the tilt bob cam between players, but setting up 12 or so MORE cameras is a lot of work with all volunteer staffing.


Mark’s been doing it


Thanks for the shout out to the nemesis box!!! We should be streaming again this week!! I’ll post to this thread when we are!!

If anyone is wondering, it’s just a c270 with the wire running out of the hole where the coin Door lock would be. Plus a bike light for illumination.