Thoughts on aiming


This 16 ramps in a row question has me thinking: is that practice something that helps? I doubt I could make 16 left ramps in a row on Scared Stiff, but I did once have a ball where I started three coffin MBs with only one missed shot. Which is to say, looping left ramps isn’t actually helpful in that game…but starting MB is, and then once started you need to alternate ramps with multiple balls in play.

It does make sense to me logically that shooting one thing over and over again might help, but if that’s not something that you’d ever do on the game, is it actually helping?


Looping left ramps is helpful in Scared Stiff. It gets to the point where a left ramp is almost as valuable as a jackpot.


Oh crap. I’ve been told this many times and still forget about it.


It’s a fair question, and I guess I can only speak for myself that it does seem to help me. It’s a great way to practice a shot placement on the flipper that I have the most problems with.

I don’t have as much difficulty hitting an orbit, or an inner left or right shot, or indeed the centre. But for whatever reason that spot on the flipper that’s usually reserved for a left or right ramp (maybe half an inch before the end of the flipper) gives me the most trouble. Therefore, being able to repeatedly practice that one spot over and over again seems to help.


I recently started using the “watch the flipper” technique to practice at home. It has its disadvantages. once you flip, you have to look back up the playfield. If you miss and hit a stand up target next to a ramp the ball is already in the trough before you can look up the playfield and back at the flippers to try and make the save. However, I have found that I am, in fact, more accurate and this seems to happen less. If I am consistently missing a shot or not “on my game” this seems to be the go-to technique.

I also believe this is the way to play new games on location or tournament even if you have the same game at home. It will allow you to see the minute differences in the shot locations and make adjustments appropriately.


I took the plunge on Friday night and switched my aiming style…so now I stare intently at the flippers. (Previously my gaze was somewhere between the flippers and the target). I try not to let my eyes follow the ball as it leaves the flipper, and I try not to have the target I am aiming at in my field of vision. It’s been a sudden and dramatic improvement in my accuracy.

Worth trying out for a day or two.


Watching Papa tutorials aiming seems to be the most important skill for a top player.

No good if you can control and ball and then keep missing the shot… and then the ball is out of control again…

I am trying some of the advice above especially on the right ramp on KISS which just seems super hard to hit consistently.

The quiet eye technique makes a lot of sense.

And maybe some visualization techniques - similar to top golfers.


Did you see Timball’s video about aiming? I think it’s kinda like quiet eye. Timballs is the name of his youtube channel.


Yes, thanks - good video.