This Week in Pinball: Iron Maiden Stream, MGC Preview, Pinball Expo, Trudeau, More


Ah, they just lent their name, games and merchandise as prizes for advertising purposes. Oh and make sure only thier games are used at Pin Expo Main tourney. Sounds like they own it to me. Time to wack some life weeds.


That is a completely invalid characterization of the tournament that Trent has run at Pinball Expo for many years. Your statement has zero credibility.


What is going on with Pinball Expo? Hear from Rob Berk and Mike Pacak:



  • Texas Pinball Festival
  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle
  • Kingpin
  • Why No Reveals from Chicago Gaming Company or Stern?
  • Unverified - Stern 2018 Release Schedule?
  • Mezel Mod of the Week - Ronan’s Hammer
  • Pinball Expo is No More
  • Stern of the Union
  • New Star Wars Code
  • Texas Pinball Museum
  • Pincinnati Announced
  • Winner of the Pinball Bulbs Giveaway Announced!
  • Victory Laps - End of Post Bonus
  • Match! - Next Game…What is Coming Up on This Week in Pinball
  • Upcoming Games and Rumors



THIS WEEK IN PINBALL: Alice, Kingpin, Cosmic Cart Racing, Brian Eddy, Elvira 3, Iron Maiden, Kosmic Khaos, Oursler Interview, deeproot…So Much, TPF!

  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle Revealed
  • Bowen Kerins Now Employed at Spooky
  • Kingpin Reveal
  • Brian Eddy Hired by Stern
  • Iron Maiden/Titanium Man
  • Elvira 3
  • Star Wars Topper Update
  • Possible LCD Screens in Future Vault Editions?
  • Another Super LE?
  • Cosmic Cart Racing
  • Kosmic Khoas
  • Mezel Mod of the Week – Station 3 Kit
  • Pinball Expo Update
  • deeproot Pinball Announce 5 Days of deeproot
  • Barry Oursler Interview
  • Victory Laps – End of Post Bonus
  • MATCH! Next Game…What is Coming Up on This Week in Pinball
  • Upcoming Games and Rumors


I got to meet you briefly at the Mezel Mods booth at TPF. I didn’t have much time, but I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating this. It’s really great work you’re doing.


Thanks a bunch Jeff, and it was great meeting you as well! Love the podcast :slight_smile:


just send the titanium man pic over to mid 2000s crime investigation show and hit ENHANCE


Ha, Now I’m craving McDonalds!



  • Iron Maiden Coming Tuesday
  • Rumors: Reveal from Rolling Stone at 10:00AM
  • Rumors: Dead Flip may stream it tomorrow
  • Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle More Info
  • Is Monster Bash the Next Title from Chicago Gaming Company?
  • Stern has Beatles License: Barry Oursler interview
  • Mezel Mod of the Week - Simpson’s Pinball Party Lamp
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Delays?
  • Sharpe Bros Winning
  • Co-op Modes for Total Nuclear Annihilation
  • WINNER of the Kingpin Translite Giveaway
  • Thunderbirds Production Update
  • Victory Laps - End of Post Bonus
  • MATCH - What is coming up on This Week in Pinball


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  • Iron Maiden Videos and More

  • When will we see another gameplay stream?

  • Iron Maiden Premium and LE info

  • Midwest Gaming Classic Preview

  • Mezel Mod of the Week

  • Pinball Expo Updates

  • New Podcasts!

  • Pinball News and Pinball Magazine Join Forces

  • They discuss the leaked Deadpool Image

  • The Big Lebowski Updates and Tutorial

  • Path of Play

  • John Trudeau Update

  • Mezel Mods Gift Card Winner!

  • Victory Laps - End of Post Bonus

  • Match! - Next Game…What is Coming up on TWIP

  • Upcoming Games and Rumors


I saw there’s a Top 10 list using data from Pinball Map. Definitely the best choice of sources, but bear in mind that the maps themselves are not necessarily specific to whatever they’re called. For instance, the Los Angeles one also includes the nearby counties (including Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, and Santa Barbara, but NOT Kern, as that’s under the Bakersfield map). Rather, I think it’s based on what administrators are available and the areas they’ve agreed to cover.

I can speak for the L.A. map as that’s the region I live in–the majority of them are actually in San Bernardino and Orange counties (especially so if you count the Museum of Pinball). L.A. has a number of great locations too, but it is basically the Asteroid Belt of pinball communities, as nothing ever coalesced into a cohesive whole: Places like 82, AYCE Gogi, Family Arcade, Neon Retro Arcade (both of them), and that new place that popped up in Burbank have excellent, dedicated operators and vibrant, fun scenes and events, but for the most part, the metropolitan area’s public pinball is geographically incredibly diffuse and scattered, with random locations in various places with one machine each and lots of dead zones. (I live in the northern San Fernando Valley, which is one of those dead zones save for a single taquería.)


What place is this?


Honestly, I’ve forgotten–I remember Stern’s social media was talking about it a couple of months ago, and it was about to open. All I can recall is that it was near that place in Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives that specializes in chili. I haven’t visited it myself, however.

I’ll have to ask the person who told me about it, as I didn’t really keep any records of it myself, nor do I remember which social media platform it was on.


Walt’s Bar if I were guessing.


Think that’s in eagle rock and all old games


Yeah… no idea then.