this forum hijacks my CTRL-F and it's [redacted] infuriating

do not steal an established hotkey. i’m trying to search within an epically long post, and i can’t. it sucks.

if you want to make your forum search a hotkey, use a different one from ctrl-f.

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i uh, i may have overreacted here.


Menu… Find still works. (I use Chrome.)


I agree, minus the swearing.

Hot tip: press ctrl+f twice to go to the regular browser page search.


Also, that’s a Discourse thing AFAIK, nothing that’s specifically being done here.

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Yeah it actually drives me nuts too but there’s nothing I can do about it.


My workaround has been to explicitly use the ‘Find’ in my browser menu. What I’m really hoping we can resolve soon is the lack of HTTPS.

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FWIW, I’m using the latest Edge Chromium dev channel build and a single Ctrl+F brings up the normal browser find dialog.

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I think it depends on how many replies there are in the topic. If there’s only 7-8 replies like in this topic, then you get the browser’s standard find-in-page.

But if there are many replies you get the forum search instead. There’s a reason for that: In other to make the forum feel snappy, Discourse only puts a certain amount (probably 15-20) replies on the page at one time. As you scroll down replies at the top will be removed from the page and new ones will be added to the bottom.

That way you can scroll through a 700 reply topic without your battery dying. The downside is that the browser’s built-in find-in-page becomes mostly useless because it can only search the 20 topics that happen to be visible at that given point.

I do this stuff for a living and it’s not much fun. Us web developers aren’t trying to inflict harm. :cold_sweat:


“infinite scoll” is a god damn cancer. pagination never hurt anybody.


Ah yes, confirmed.

Thank you. I prefer pagination every time for reasons just like this. And using CTRL-F or command-F is such a longtime, nearly hardwired gesture that it also drives me nuts when that doesn’t work here.

Damnit Andreas, why do you always have to be so sensible??


I’m sorry. You caught me during working hours and as a result you got “professional andreas” and not “pinball andreas”. You can go back to raging now :angry::angry::angry:


This seems like quite a family-friendly site!

“Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?”

Does this topic?

" Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people."

This thread was a bad idea!

From a family friendly perspective, I agree: I would prefer that the F-bomb in the title be removed/edited, or bleeped out.

And I think the discussion of expressing a frustration and wondering if there’s a way to have a useful tool (like CTRL-F) work on this forum, or a work-around as an alternative… is very valuable.


Seems like a good time to remind our forum members that if you feel a post does not adhere to the forum’s guidelines, please flag it for moderation. While it is unlikely that mods are reading every post in every topic, we are happy to take action as needed.

Install vimium and search using a / like the cool vi kids.

hmm, does it take regular expressions?

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Indeed it does.