The scariest shot in pinball

What is your scariest shot in (competition) pinball?

I’ll go first: The slide.

In need of only the slide on a Creature game - ball 3 - down in points - is terror. Even with the luxury of a cradle on left, the most certain thing is that nothing is certain. The ball might as well go some carom’n outlane or just good ol’ out of control. And even with the shot nailed, you know you are facing a deadly return ball.


Final Draw lit on WCS with ball cradled. The number of times missing that shot (especially for the 2nd multiball) has ruined a PAPA A run has been far greater than the number of times that made shot has led to a top 25 score.


Any shot through bumpers. I almost never shoot them unless I absolutely have to, due to fear that the ball will go SDTM


Multiball start on Demo man.


The penultimate shot on any bash toy: i.e. Monger, or Wolverine, or Link, or the last gate hit on MM… Just seems like the shot most likely to drain (especially in competition) is the one just before the final shot and payday!


Ugh, for me, the main pressure for qualifying the mb on the first ball is just to give myself a couple balls to make this shot.

The worst is when you nail the multiball start on Demo Man and it rattles out. I always seem to drain right after that happens.

Any scoop or saucer that’s lit for something significant. TV wiz mode and CIU come to mind (and FD mentioned above).

I’ve been consistently nailing the shot the whole damb game, then it’s lit big and I can’t even get close. I would hate to film it over time and look back to see just how much my accuracy decreases when a shot is lit. It’s noticeable without video.

[cue: David Bowie/Queen’s Under Pressure]


I agree with Adam. It’s that next to last shot on the Monger, or Sparky, or any shot that takes many hits to start a multiball.

A strong runner up for me would be the plunge on most any machine with no ball saver(TSPP, Party Zone, that DAMN Cyclone at Free Play Florida)! :grimacing:


LOTR center ramp for DTR after it’s been played all day.


Game of Thrones dragon shot or caster’s club drop target

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TSPP has one LOTR.

Can’t it be turned off? How else did I play an entire game of TSPP at Pinburgh 2 years ago and not break 1M points? :sob:

TSPP I believe has the ball save off by default, but most ops around town turn it on because of that very reason :wink:

Yes. I thought you meant in general. It’s not a timed one its switch hits or value

I don’t know I’ve never been scared on my 19th shot to the Ark in Indiana Jones.

Ripley’s is the same.

Today’s SSIP was Jericho lit with double scoring running. One lame shot in the general direction of the middle spinner, then SDTM.

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The Saucer on Jackbot when lit for the last game to qualify Casino run. Ball 3 of course.

Tough shot. Unpredictable return.

TAF chair - especially when lit for tour the mansion.

MB - every, single, shot, when trying to start all modes simultaneously