The Pinball Arcade on Nintendo Switch

My kids got a Switch console system for Christmas. Does anyone else use TPA on the Switch, and is it that much more of an enhanced virtual pin experience than what you get from iOS TPA on an iPad? (We already have quite a few tables on iOS TPA that the kids enjoy). Wondering if purchasing a few titles on the Switch version for the kids is worth it or not.

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Do they have TPA on switch, I thought it was just SPA?

Could be only SPA, but it uses same mechanics. Question still stands, as I’m more interested in whether or not there is significant difference in gameplay/experience of playing TPA/SPA on Switch vs iPad.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I have not - didn’t know it was available. I also have a switch and will check out at least whatever their free version is soon.

Based on previous TPA release quality I’m guessing they don’t have a way to rotate the screen so the layout is probably pretty bad. I’ll see.

The nice thing about Pinball FX3 on Switch is that you can rotate the screen. AFAIK this functionality is not in SPA for Switch.

Stern Pinball Arcade (available on cart or the eShop) is available now. With the latest update they added the ability to play in TATE mode (with the screen rotated). It’s awesome!