the official 2017 pin a go go thread


Great art, hope you’re doing matching shirts.


There will be shirts. As in past years I’m sure they will match the poster art.


Hey, that’s pretty cool. Who illustrated that?


Not sure, but in past years the artist has been Steve Dana so I think he might be the artist on this year’s poster too.
The pin a go go web site should have updated info on this soon.



This just in.
American pinball will be at pin a go go with their game Houdini.

See you there.


Just in, afmr will be at pin a go go. Thanks to pps.
Stay tuned, more exciting announcements coming this week.

I said it would be epic.


Jjp confirmed for pin a go go.

Dialed in will be at the show.


episode 4 of the spinner is lit podcast is up. its all about pin a go go.


Batman 66, Aerosmith, hobbit, and full throttle all confirmed for pin a go go.


Can crusher is on the games list. 20 days until pin a go go.


Marco specialties confirmed as a vendor at pin a go go.


Yes, they have a long two weeks ahead of them. Phoenix this weekend, Allentown next, then Dixon CA.


Hey pinheads, pin a go go is 10 days away. we are very short on donations for the raffle and silent auction. please help where you can. you can donate gift cetificates, movie tickets, pinball parts, anything. you can even pick up something at pin a go go Friday and take it to the front desk to donate. pin a go go needs our help pinheads. lets all do what we can. thank you,


6 days and a wake up pinheads.

Pin a go go needs your help.
They need volunteers, they need donations for the raffle and silent auction. Please help out where and how you can.
Thank you and see you there.


Pin a go go starts today! See you there.