The Meltdown Pinball Podcast Episode 11

Meltdown Pinball Podcast – Ep. 11: Yo! Eleven, Yo!

On Episode 11, Greg Poverelli and Steve Bowden ( cover many topics in the game, hobby, sport, and world of pinball… Just in time for pinburgh.

What are we having? (To drink)

Pinburgh – The Super Bowl of Pinball

Pick your favorite Pinburgh bank

Pinburgh Sign-up Frenzy Drama (AKA: Pinburgh Round ZERO)

Can Pinburgh do more than 1000?

Tournament directors playing in tournaments

Surviving The Sanctum

MyBookie and prop bets

Pinburgh Fantasy League


Vegas Stakes and Pop-O-Matic Craps

The WPPRelli Tournament Forecast

The Intergalactic Lineup

Always be getting points

Dream bank

Circuit schedule planning

  • A very special announcement *

Greg at EPC

Local Texas scene / New York scene

The Open at INDISC

Long Island Pinball Expo (and Open)

The OCHO? No.

Greg behaving himself? Probably no.

The WPPRelli report and pinball news

Star Wars Home Edition

Jurassic Park

Black Knight code update

Game of Thrones huge code update and analysis

Use your validation

Other #SPORTS!

The Hat

Shameless Plugs


Great episode!!

To clarify some of the GOT stuff:

Freeze timers apply to all timers and hurry ups. Does not apply to ball save This includes:

WIC hurry ups
HOTK SJP ram hurry up
Stark bonus round in HOTK
Playfield multipliers
mode timers

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I think WIC freeze wins worst use of a power in pinball history.


Haha. Yeah not many situations I would spend it there. Maybe if it’s locking in a 250mm plus hurry up (which is rare), still probably not worth it.