The Little Kings Pinball Podcast


Is this availiable on iTunes podcasts?




Congrats to the little kings on be debut of thier new official beer!!! Congrats guys!!!


too bad @ryanwanger doesn’t drink :beers:


Where can this brew be found? I do not recall seeing it here in CO. I believe the brewery is in Ohio? And more importantly, is it any good?


Hazel’s has it.


I can send you some. But yeah. Tristate area of IN OH KY has it. It’s fine for a novelty beer, but it’s not gonna win any awards. Haha. Plus you can drink like 30 of em. 6-8 oz each


Who gots the itis?


Lucky 13 is here!

Have a happy Merry! You can listen to our latest episode:

Would really like to hear some other opinions about how to play IJ. Either we’re not that sophisticated, or there isn’t that much to know.


My usual strategy on an Indy that I haven’t played very much before is to use the left ramp to change the mode to Well of Souls, and start that as soon as possible. Then during the multiball you can practice your lock shot so when you come out of it you can start going for multiball. Starting with Well of Souls also just gets points on the board, which sometimes is all you need in a tightly contested Indy match.

If it’s an unlimited qualifying tournament then you just play it like fish tales - just multiball all day


Thank you Raymond! I may have to get in touch with you about WPT strats as well!



After a delay, we are back! Check out episode #14 here:


Wakey-wakey… Episode #15 is here!


Wow, I have been slack with updating the podcast on TiltForums.


Here is our newest installation about my favorite pinball event EVAH!

The Dory Hill episode is here!


Two new episodes including an interview with the most righteous Brian Dominy.



Tournament madness. Here:


This was a really great interview! Thanks for doing it.


Glad you enjoyed it. If you’re not careful, I’m going to interview you about your Pinburgh win!


Yeah, let’s absolutely hear more about that Pinburgh win . . .


Just wanted to thank you for sitting closer to the mic the last couple of episodes. Now I can actually hear both sides of the conversation when listening in the car :slight_smile: