The Hobbit: 31 (!!!) modes in it?

Whoa. @keefer … outdoing yourself. That’s a LOT of modes.

Heh I just assumed everyone knew that by now. And that’s just the “mode grid” not other modes you get through other stuff like multiballs, completing dwarves, wizard modes, etc.


31 mode stack!

I hope that is the only way to achieve the true wizard mode.

“Grid” modes don’t stack with other grid modes, sorry.

The Baskin Robbins of pinball machines!


Save some for Pat’s game Keith :wink:

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Pat’s game will be the Heinz 57 of pinball machines!

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Is this a hint? Is it a condiment themed game?!? If so, I’m looking forward to stacking the sriracha and mayo modes.

Roadshow 2! County music in stereo!