The Bat City Open 2019


I think I see what you’re saying now. Only a multiball was lost (which is never a major malfunction), so this does not apply and the attempt to recreate the malfunction was unwarranted.
“A minor malfunction that occurs repeatedly, to the extent that it is markedly affecting play of the machine, may be considered a major malfunction at the sole discretion of tournament officials.”

Is that what you’re saying?


This was a Circuit Level event. Not league. There was $2,000 first prize at stake along with significant WPPR points and future tournament qualifying at stake. While using the game in league with 10-15 people is “ok”, it would have been nice to know before putting it in this level of tournament.


It’s really awesome that everyone in Austin gets along so well and has one another’s back, no wonder the local player community is thriving!

Really though, it’s pretty sad.

The reality is that this particular machine is one of the first production prototypes made out of the first production run, and was gifted to Buffalo Billiards.

They’ve had a very, very small handful of issues over the two+ years it’s been on location, far fewer than I personally have ever seen with early production games from any of the other manufacturers. Flippers being unresponsive in a multiball mode is a minor issue, far less severe than the fuses blowing and games resetting and mechs dying all over the tournament all weekend.

If there was anyone that was possibly aware of this issue ahead of the time, it was @Snailman. If it had never happened before, there was not really anything that could have been done to prepare for it here. In that case it was probably the power to the tourney bank impacting it or something along those lines. Plenty of games had power issues all weekend.

My personal opinion is that if this problem had happened before and he was aware of it, the most likely scenario is that he forced a fault.


This is absolutely ridiculous and untrue.
As I’ve already stated, I was unaware of any known issue with Lexy that caused the flippers to stop working in particular game-states. Please do your homework and read the rest of the thread, or talk to someone directly before you start slinging untrue crap about them.

The person that was aware of this issue ahead of time was Gerry – he’s already mentioned this, apologized, said he’s working on a fix, and I trust that his fix will be more than adequate.

Your accusation that I most likely “forced a fault” on a game it also baseless. I’m saddened by this untrue statement. I would appreciate it if you would remove your libelous comment.


I’m shutting this one down as it is obviously getting personal.

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