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Those of you who haven’t noticed but might be interested: There is this small but hopefully interesting blog called The Ball is Wild ( which I started in late 2014.

There are no regular updates BUT I will publish a story at the beginning of every week during April - blame my trip to Pacific Pinball Museum and Portland/POP :wink: Out just today is a story on the pinball music video of the alternative soul pop band ROBB from Vienna:

Also, if you like to contribute, feel free to drop me a mail at plunger at theballiswild dot net!

Thanks! That is a great article.

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We’ve done a round-up of 2017’s video pinball releases. Have a look and a great 2018, y’all :slight_smile:

I will be honest - I am intrigued by Pinball Wicked for the sights and sounds. It might be the best looking/sounding one I have ever seen. I am somewhat disappointed by its gameplay though - and amount of time spent not doing modes. I watched an 8 minute gameplay on youtube here:

I feel the play is stale and somewhat boring - I kept waiting for the sounds and every time I heard one I was quite impressed. Too few and far between, though and the steady tune became monotonous. Also - the default ‘hold up the flipper defense’ should fail much more often than it did - even had some strange ball movement near the tip of the flippers. If you have a better opinion of this game than I am giving it - through play of your own, I’d love to be convinced to buy it - I like a good pirate themed game. POTC forever!

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I haven’t played it too much yet, but keep in mind that the video is from mid November - so a lot of problems and also gameplay features might have changed since then. Keep you posted as soon as I have some more opinion on the game :slight_smile: