The Amazing Pinball Race 4 June 28-30 2019

Is there a player list somewhere that I missed?




stream schedule:
Friday at 7pm: Women’s amazing race
Saturday at 1pm: Amazing Race Main Target Matchplay qualifying
Sunday at 1pm: Amazing Race A finals


Target Matchplay is awesome. Couldn’t have matched this finals format with a better qualifying format. Thanks again @kdeangelo.

Anyone interested, please check out the stream for the finals tomorrow (today?) at 1/1:30. It’s a great time :slight_smile:


Congrats to @jdelz and @seedees for finishing first and second respectively. Mark Brown took third place and @WxManBookie took fourth. 2 Cleveland players and 2 Pittsburgh players in the final four.

70 players total from as far as STL and Maine participated. Good times :slight_smile:


This tournament is rock solid and a lot of fun to play in. So much forethought on the admin side and it all runs very smoothly. Loved the target match play for qualifying and thought it complimented the race finals format perfectly.

Minor improvements were made from last year making an already great experience even better, and I can only expect they’ll keep fine tuning things going forward. All signs point to this event growing and becoming even more in demand and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the circuit within a few years selling out in a minute!

Many thanks to Evan and crew for all the work making it happen. Looking forward to defending the title next year :slight_smile:


Results are up.

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