TGP Calculation for Target Group Match Play & RR

Is the TGP calculation for target group match play the same as regular group match play?

I can’t find it on the TGP 2019 guide.
TGP 2019 Guide on regular match play:

Match Play Qualifying

  • 1 game added to TGP per game played for Head-to-Head matches
  • 1.5 games added to TGP per game played for 3-player st yle matches
  • 2 games added to TGP per game played for 4-player style matches
  • Please note this format does not require a finals component as the qualifying portion already consists of DIRECT play. This is often found in Swiss style formats where there is no separate distinct finals component.
  • Please note the qualifying portion of the tournament can be added to the TGP calculation only if that qualifying portion reduces the field of participants by 50% or more

What’s the TGP calc for round robin?

Same. TGP counts games played, and gives a bonus for 3 player and 4 player groups. It doesn’t matter what sort of larger format you are playing within.

For Round Robin, just count up the games played and factor in the multiplier if you’re doing three or four player games.


Thanks Ryan!

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