Texas Pinball Festival 2022 tourney ticket (and waitlist) sales open Saturday 10/2

Please mark your calendars for this Saturday morning at 10am central. This is when the TPF Store will open for tournament ticket purchases and waitlist markers: Store – Texas Pinball Festival

TPF 2022 Wizards (Main) tournament remains sold out (for now – there are bound to be some cancellations), as all 2020 players chose to let their Show Pass $$ roll over to the next TPF, which will now be 2022.

Registered TPF Wizards players from 2020 will receive a separate email with details on how to purchase their reserved spot in the 2022 tournament.

On Saturday morning, you can:

  • Get on the TPF Wizards waitlist (the waitlist from 2020 is gone – has no bearing or meaning on 2022)
  • Buy a TPF Classics ticket (limited to 240 players)
  • Buy a TPF Women’s Texas Takedown tournament ticket (limited to 64 players)

To recap…
If you are a registered TPF Wizards player from 2020 that let your Show Pass $$ roll over and:
(a) only want to play in Wizards → no F5 for you on Saturday morning. Your Wizards spot is still held. Wait for email instructions, or,
(b) want to play in Wizards and Classics → F5 on Saturday morning to buy ONLY your Classics ticket, or,
(c) want to play in Wizards and Women’s → also F5 on Saturday morning to buy ONLY your Women’s ticket, or,
(d) want to play in Wizards and Classics and Women’s → F5 on Saturday morning for BOTH Classics and Women’s ticket purchases.

If you were not one of the fortunate 160 registered Wizards players from 2020, then you need to get F5 ready on Saturday morning to do any/all of the following:
(a) get on Wizards waitlist,
(b) buy Classics ticket, or
(c) buy Women’s ticket.
You can buy a Show Pass on Saturday as well for early bird pricing, or wait to buy your Show Pass.

List of registered TPF Wizards players from 2020: 2020 Texas Wizards Tournament Players – Texas Pinball Festival

Looking forward to seeing many of you in March 2022 at TPF!



Colin @Snailman curious especially since I was high up on the waitlist for 2020 why you cleared it but left the original registered 2020. Sure you had a reason but curious what it was. Rodney

I wish I had known the takedown entries were being wiped, my wife was pretty disappointed about being dumped from the takedown list.

Oh, well. She’s on the waitlist at least.

The 2020 registered players were required to already pay their money for show passes, and they each elected to leave their money with the Show to keep their spot for the next TPF Wizards. Dealing with a list 160 long was enough. Waitlist only required a $0 marker to click on, and we didn’t care to manage all the additional people on the waitlist as well.

Thanks for your interest, and best of luck on getting from the new waitlist to a registered player if/when spots open up.


@Snailman appreciate the response. Not sure I view it the same way. Stayed paid and committed to TPF for 2 years, partially because I was on the waitlist hoping for the return of the event and tourney. I think a waitlist carry over would have been a fair thing to do. That said know it is a lot of work for you so if this is easier for you, understood.

Will there be a link to the waitlist, so we know how far down we are? Julie


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Thank you.