TAF bonus multiplier

Recently I finally reached a billion on the local addams. Not an amazing feat for many of the eyes that will see this, but a milestone for me personally!


When I am chopping my way through a high scoring TAF game, I’ll often wonder if there is a point where shooting for bonus x becomes more valuable than anything else, particularly after a few tours. Bookcase shot on this particular game is uneven, making those jackpots practically impossible, so I’ll often try for bonus x shots during thing or quick.

Never seen anyone do it so I was just curious if anyone here has ever just ended up shooting for bonus x.


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Absolutely. Doesn’t take too long for that to become a 10M+ shot (it’ll be close after a tour). If you’re at super bear kicks, bonus x is probably going to be worth over 30M. I’d say that’s worth going for.


Bonus X is beyond important on TAF. If you have tons of Bear Kicks and Mansion Rooms ranked up it can determine a competition. :slight_smile: