Swords of Fury question

Just set up my swords of Fury recently. I noticed I can use the top left flipper to backhand the ball into the ramp lock from a trapped position on the flipper. This seems too easy to start multi-ball. Is there supposed to be a one-way gate there or is this normal?

Just so I understand, you are flipping the ball back into the lock? You’re not hitting the ramp? Was a bit confused about the “ramp lock” part of your comment.

I don’t think you should be able to hit the ball back into the lock. No, there is not a one way gate, (at least there wasn’t when i took my old SOF apart.). The flipper probably is misaligned to have too high of a stroke. Readjust the flipper so it doesn’t go up as high. It’s also possible it has the wrong coil stop installed, which would result in a longer stroke/higher flipper.

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Yes that is correct. After playing it some more I pretty much came to the same conclusion. I think the flipper is aligned a bit too high. I will lower it a bit and check on the stop as well. Thanks for the reply!

I checked my SOF last night and there is indeed a gate under the upper playfield that prevents backhanding into the lock. Here’s a clip from the stream where I attempt it but it gets knocked back out by the gate: https://clips.twitch.tv/DignifiedAstuteBottlePipeHype

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Ahhhh no shit. I wonder if they take a good beating over the years and get broken off. I will check the manual and see if i can find the part number and order one up. Does that mini playfield lift up pretty easily kind of like the shadow or escape from the lost world? I’ll figure it out but thought i’d ask while i’m here. Thanks Kev!

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It’s been a while but I think there’s a couple screws to remove to get that upper playfield off. Plus you have to take the flipper out too from what I remember.

Ahh ok. Pretty much like WPT mini playfield then thanks!