Sweet pinball stream highlights

Starting this thread for people to post amazing pinball moments caught on a stream (with Twitch or Youtube links cued to the appropriate time, please). Either competition or gameplay.

Since I just watched it, for the first submission:
DJ Riel getting two lazaruses (lazari?) within 6 seconds of each other at ClePin. Awesome!

He was having that kind of day!


Great idea for a thread! I’ll look out for some cool moments. Someone should probably find/link that Robin Lasonde EBD game. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

Btw, @Snailman your link is broke :frowning:


Here’s the Robin’s EBD game: https://www.twitch.tv/fgw_sfpd/v/68143929


Thanks. I think I fixed it.

What we need in pinball is an army of bored 15-year-olds with pirated copies of Sony Vegas making videos called like

8 LOL OMG HAX moments from CLE PIN | ★★★ PIN STREAM HIGHLIGHTS ★★★ | iNCREDIBLE skills


I think you just found your calling


I’ve asked PAPA to use their footage before to produce and publish my own internet videos and was denied permission to do so. Legally, I am somewhat protected by fair use if I was to produce “remixes” of PAPA’s video and could just do so anyhow but I would rather work their consent!


What sort of video do you have in mind? A lot of the videos I’ve seen of yours have insult humor, maybe that’s not what you intend but it could be the reason. I’ve seen @FunWithBonus create highlight reels of top moments, with the original commentary intact, and they’re pretty great.

“Stream moment”. It has to be the first one.

That pre-Todd-IFPA tournament final was, as far as I know, the first pinball live broadcast with commentary. I can’t remember how I got to know about it. But I was tuning in, and it was certainly a special thing to watch.

Someone already did this http://pinballvideos.com/?p=keith%20elwin :wink:


Forgive the channel self-promotion but I think this clip is certainly worthy.

where’s the clip of @TaylorVA and you at pinburgh?

Forgot to stream it…

I love making clips and highlights of stuff :slight_smile:
I have made several

Clickbait headlines: Check
Obnoxious Photoshopped Thumbnails: Check
Blatant Self-Promotion: Check
Good Gameplay: TBD

I’ve found my calling